Saturday, April 30, 2016

Whole30 Reintroduction Dairy Day 7 and shocking UPDATE

Before I get to the cheesy stuff.  I want to follow through on my non-gluten grains stuff.  So the point of the reintroduction is to isolate one type of food for a day while being compliant with meat and veggies, fruit and wait 3 days to see if it had any effect. I did, in an interesting way.  You are supposed to eat (new food) with a compliant breakfast, lunch and dinner, (if you want) and wait for 3 days.  I ate only one thing (GF stuffing) for dinner BUT for two nights in a row.  No other GF foods though.

After the first dinner, I just didn't feel right.  Not badly, but I just wasn't feeling my norm from the past whole30 days of "happy full." I know it's not very descriptive but "ugh" is all I can give you. I moved around after dinner and that ugh feeling went away.  I slept fine.  Dinner with stuffing day 'ugh' feeling BUT I was having a fitful sleep.  Kept waking up and changing positions, was hot in bed even though the AC was on....we had the windows closed and when I woke up and my sinuses were all swollen as though I needed to take my decongestant. 😳 The past few days we've been sleeping with the windows open during this pollen season and I was not taking any meds for it.

Conclusion? Perhaps have something GF grains is not something I should be eating on a daily basis.  That is why doing Paleo makes so much sense now...Once in a while....but NOT definitely back to back. Make enough for just K-man and I leftovers unless he is going to eat it all.  No, he has a two day limit on leftovers.

In preparation for dairy day.....I made Cloud Bread....made two batches, one with greek yogurt and the other with cream cheese.  Fluffy but too delicate for me. I am sticking with my cheenie, chebe breads...

Shaved Beef over sauteed asparagus, mushrooms and onions....Note to self: Shaved beef doesn't need a marinade....or don't add marinade while cooking....I moved too fast while I was thinking this and dumped into pan.  Dry beef, not wet beef next time. Yes, don't send me comments that it looks like a vomit pile.  I realize this, I have eyes. 😖 But I am human and not all my dinner or food pix turn out like a magazine layout, no one's do....except for those food stylist people. I am sure all their meals are photo ready and they look at food blogs to get their critique on....Move on...

All day I dream about cheese......I miss cheese.  The gooey, chewy-ness of it....I really miss cheesy goodness.  I am gonna get cheese wasted...

-The Reintroduction Day 7- Dairy

Breakfast: egg salad sandwich on cloud bread (link above)

Lunch: Roasted chicken and veggie salad with cheese chunks
Dinner: Sausage Spaghetti sauce on spaghetti squash topped with Parmesan.

Noteable Notes:

-I was so excited to eat cheese and it wasn't a thrilling as I thought it was.  Meh. No Angels going "ahhhhh!" around eyes rolling in the back of my head. Then I got a cold.  Was eating dairy responsible?  UPDATE!!!! YES!... Here I sit Sunday suffering from what I think is a cold. I blow my nose....all clear.  I am congested yet can breath with difficulty. I am sneezing. I am coughing up gunk from my lungs and yet my nose stuff runs clear. I started taking my allergy meds then I start to feel better in the nasal area. 12 hours later....congested and blowing out clear stuff. Then I occurred to me...AM I SO STUPID TO NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A COMMON COLD AND MY ALLERGIES COMING BACK? I am typing this after I took some allergy meds again and I feel absolutely fine.  I did NOT EAT DAIRY, one DAY....I did THREE DAYS in A ROW. I. AM. AN. IDIOT. So- did some research online about nasal allergies aggravated by dairy products and....BINGO! I told K-man I feel like I discovered the cure to cancer!(I wish) but I had no idea that my eating dairy was why I have suffered with allergies for SOOOOO long.  Just. WOW. Mind blown!!!

-I am going to to let you know that I am NOT going to do the gluten portion of the whole30.  Reintroduction is done to me. Why?  I just don't miss or need wheat.  And I was eating way too much bread.  Don't get me wrong but I love bread but I wasn't missing it like cheese. Wheat to me is just as bad as corn, GMO'ed to death. If I want a burger, I will ask for no bun if there is a GF option or just wrap it in lettuce if possible. These days restaurants are pretty used to all sorts of requests, "dressing on the side, can I get it without cheese?", etc. Burger places are pretty saavy now with GF buns or lettuce wraps. 

-BIGgest News?!?!?- Do you remember my disappointment with only losing 3 pounds from the original 30 days? AND ....that I said that I would devote my reintroduction week to eating less fruit, and nuts, nut butters and potatoes?  WELL I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I lost more in this week alone that those original 30 days! 6 FREAKIN' POUNDS! And I ate some grain foods for two days and a margarita and some cheese foods for two days and a homemade paleo Butterscotch coffee with a Tbsp of maple syrup!!!  😳 Yes, I know I overused the "ands" but I was happy for myself.

Tune in next time for my overall whole30 evaluation and future plans and recipes!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Whole30 Reintroduction GFG- Day 4

I get to incorporate into whole30 compliant day any NON gluten grain such as oatmeal, white rice, corn tortilla chips, gluten free bread. Not only do I want to keep being whole30 compliant with these foods but also making sure that if I eat oatmeal for breakfast and corn tortilla chips for lunch and a GF roll with dinner that they should all be organic and GMO free! Although, this day will be to have a splurge, I am more looking forward to the dairy day to eat me some CHHEEEEESSSEEEEE!

Sunday Dinner: Chili over zoodles, sliced avocado and mixed greens salad

-The Reintroduction Day 4- Non-Gluten Grains
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 bacon strips
Lunch: Leftover chili and zoodles, carrots
Dinner: Pork chops and GF stuffing and rainbow swiss chard and onions

 Here is the stuffing I got at MOM's

How am I off a day? I was thinking I was on for GF food tomorrow and my whole30 buddy Jessica asked me what I was eating today and I was like Huh, that is tomorrow and she corrected me that clearly I can't count. So, I will have only one boring non-gluten food instead of one each meal.  Oh well, I don't need those carbs anyway! Next post will inform you of any thing that develops....but I doubt it unless my body just doesn't like digesting the grain and I get gas?  Stay tuned. Dairy day 7!

I get cheesy very soon!

Whole30- Reintroduction and Legumes Day 1

So during the re-introduction, what am I looking for as I experiment with beans, non-gluten grains, dairy and wheat?

Issues with:
Digestion -(gas, bloating, pain, cramping)
Energy -(3 pm slump? dragging out of bed in the morning?)
Sleep- (restlessly, hard time falling asleep? waking up in middle of night or too early?)
Cravings- IS the sugar dragon back? Are you having a hard time resisting the pull of sugar and carbs?)
Mood- (are you cranky, moody or otherwise less happy? Depression, attention deficit, or compulsivity?)
Skin- (break out, rash, hives or reappearance of eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions?)
Breathing- ( congested, sinus pain, seasonal allergies return? Shortness of breath or asthma?)
Pain and inflammation- ( migraines, tendinitis, arthritis? Sore joints, stiff or swollen?)
Medical conditions- (returned symptoms or getting worse?)

I am the control of this science experiment of food in my body, all clean and I bring back these foods....I look to the above and pay attention to what is happening to my body.

Reintroduce - Beans and Alcohol... checking it Day 2

After effects? Not that I can tell.  But yeah, I was probably taking a huge risk on this because you are supposed to ISOLATE each food. But I am less concerned with these two things even though I love beans although they do not appear regularly in my diet like they do with vegetarians or one of my Latina friends who eats beans daily. So maybe I eat them 2-4 times a MONTH? And alcohol is something I splurge on like a Friday or Saturday and never to excess really.  I never drink during the week and I know when to stop because I just do not enjoy not having control of my hands and feet.  Once out of college, who thinks that is fun anyway?
So now as I review the list the morning after my Mexican dinner with friends.  I feel good. I did wake up from a sound sleep really late but it's Saturday so who cares about sleeping in? I missed breakfast!

Brunch: Bacon, Onion and Pepper Hash and Eggs (even better with Tessemae's Ketchup!)

Dinner: Smothered Cube Steaks gravy thickened with tapioca flour, avocado slices and Mixed Greens Salad

Friday, April 22, 2016

Whole30 - Day 30 and Reintroduction

Holy Crap today is day 30! Yes, and I still have to get through it.  Breathe.  I can get on the scale today....drum roll please and I am so nervous, Why? Deep breathing and maybe some wine on day 31, of course.  Did I know that I could make it this far?  Sure, I've been on plenty of diets in my life.  This was no different except for the shopping was a bit different and time consuming.  Once I had the right foods in the house, the cooking part was easy. But the book says, you may want to hold off on the can't let it consume and control you.  They suggested throwing the scale away.  Perhaps I should have listened...

Day 30

Breakfast: BST Frittata, 2 strips bacon and banana
Lunch: leftover sweet potato hash and chicken poppers, fresh fruit
Dinner: Keilbasa, onions and peppers and mixed greens with cukes and avocado

-The Reintroduction Day 1- Alcohol (optional?)

Breakfast: Frittata, 2 slices of bacon
Lunch: Roasted Chicken breast and mixed greens
Dinner: LOS TIOS!!! Chicken breast with pico de gallo, guacamole and black beans. (And I didn't take a picture because I was too excited to eat out?-Sorry guys I will be more mindful of this in the future!)
Reintroduce-  Skinny Margarita- Agave Tequila and Lime Juice

Of course this was optional but you have to celebrate when you are proud of sticking to something!

Breaking News!!!!!
In the Book, Melissa warns....that because you are doing a good thing and worked hard that perhaps you should NOT weigh yourself on Day 1 of the reintroduction... I did and I regret it. I lost 3 pounds.  I want to say I ONLY lost 3 pounds....But this is why they want you to NOT weight yourself. People put too much emphasis on weight number and because they worked hard for 30 days and if you don't get the weight loss number you had hoped for or will get disappointed and may throw in the towel and stop doing Whole30.  I get this.  I was a bit sad😪 this morning and now I am okay about it.  I am feeling so much better and having no sugar cravings is so worth it.  One of the things I found out from my friend Jessica in her reading about "losing weight on Paleo" and it was suggested to lay off the potatoes (oops)...less fruit....stay away from the nuts  and nut butters (triple oops) that explains the "not so impressive" weight change.  So much else has changed so I am happy about that.

I was going to have hard cider for my alcohol tonight and eat beans in a few days. But we decided to have dinner by invitation of a friend who we desperately wanted to catch up with (so much to talk about) and it's one of our favorite places to eat.  I was just going to get a shot of agave tequila and lime juice (a Paleo margarita) but they already had a 'skinny' margarita on their perfect!  I scanned the menu for dishes that were meat and veggies mostly.  I was going to get fajitas and toss the tortillas but I found a chicken dish with pico de gallo and I just asked for no cheese and no rice.  So I allowed myself the black beans and it was smallest little cup of about maybe 5-6 tablespoons and I ate about half. I also ordered guacamole (you know how they always put the chips and salsa out!) and I brought my own little container of carrot chips and cucumber slices and dipped them into the salsa and guacamole.  I suffered NOT one bit. Didn't miss the chips, cheese or rice! Back to clean eating and the next test is non-gluten grains!

Let the testing begin....

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Whole30 - Day 28 and 29

Day 28 is almost as good as day 30, right? Someone brought cookies to your meeting,  and you are so close...  Isn't 28 days just as good as 30? It's about commitment.  Giving in at day 28 and not 30 is no different than all those other excuses you used to 'go rogue' and fell off the wagon before. A fellow Whole30friend....told me that she had this same thing happen...went out friends were enjoying coffee and treats...she had tea and she was so close to saying 'screw it' I gotta put honey in it....just a bit won't hurt.  True maybe not.  But you know what it will hurt?  Your resolve. If you can commit to relationship with a person and not cheat, when we know now people also have relationships with food that are soooooooo dysfunctional....Weak people say....what's one cookie gonna do?  what's one sip of coke gonna do? Yeah, ask an alcoholic what's one sip gonna do? It's gonna poke a really BIG angry BEAR and it's going to rip your life back to shreds.

Day 28

Breakfast: Bacon, Spinach and tomato Frittata
Lunch: Roasted Chicken Breast, sugar snap peas and carrots
Dinner: Sausage, peppers and onions and fruit salad of grapefruit, oranges, raspberries, plums and cantaloupe

Day 29

Breakfast: BST Frittata, banana
Lunch: Leftover sausage, onions and peppers and mixed greens salad
Dinner: Chicken zucchini poppers, homemade guacamole and Japanese sweet potato hash

Tomorrow is the last day of the Whole30 experience! Wow I can't believe it!  Woo hoo!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Whole30- Day 26 and 27

Days of tiger blood and things changing.  Well, I've never been a 'tiger blood' kinda person, meaning I've never been a HIGH energy person. So I don't know what that feel like -even with coffee in me.

As for things changing, yes but it's not drastic because I haven't started exercising yet. Hard to do with pain but as it disappears moving around is much easier and you feel lighter on your feet for certain. Getting out of bed with dread is no more and my mood is better as well.

Day 26

Breakfast: Banana, bacon and raspberries
Lunch: Handful of nuts (was too busy planting in the garden to care)
Dinner: 1/2 Ribeye steak, 1/2 Japanese sweet potato, leftover roasted brocco-flower, grilled nectarines.

Have you ever had a Japanese sweet potato?  I hadn't.  I looks like a Russet but it messes with your mind when you eat it and it's sweet.  Bought a purple sweet potato today....that will appear soon.

Day 27

Breakfast: Eggs and sausage, onion and pepper hash (sooooo good)

Lunch: Leftover ribeye steak and sweet potato dinner
Dinner: Apple Pork Patties, Confetti Cauliflower, Strawberry Spinach salad

I don't know where I was going exactly with the pork patties....didn't want breakfast.  So I shredded one apple, handful of chopped onions and pepper....salt and pepper and cooked it @350 for 30 minutes.  Very tasty and very moist.  Great with some hot sauce on it!

Can't believe the first 30 is almost here...

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Whole30 - Day 24 and 25

"Who is this in the mirror?" It's me JennyMac and what are you doing in my mirror? lol I don't think I am quite to THAT point over obsessing what I see or feel by looking in the mirror.....but I am enjoying how I feel....sleep well, moving around better (heels are still hurting but I still have a way to that will go in time, I am not worried), no stomach upsets, no sinus swelling= no allergy meds. Totally feel sated, rarely snack anymore. No cravings. Don't miss sweets and being the sponsor for Cookie Club and rolling dough and baking them doesn't bother me in the least.  Very happy and plan on continuing this, no reason to stop when you feel so good.

Day 24
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 strips of bacon, banana and almond butter
Lunch: Frittata, mixed greens salad and sugar snap peas
Dinner: Hamburger, sauteed mushrooms and onions, some baked fries and Civilized Caveman's Apple Cranberry Salad (the bomb!)

Day 25
When the day is crazy, the food is too....
Breakfast: Two pieces of bacon, Banana, Spicy Beef Stick
Lunch: Leftover Apple Salad
Dinner: Eggs and sausage, roasted brocco-flower

So it's at this time is when the reality sets in that the countdown of the last week begins.  It doesn't really mean anything other than, I begin another phase, nothing radical is happening here.  On Friday morning I will get to weigh myself, and I have purchased some Hard Apple Cider to celebrate.  Thursday is done with the compliant 30 days, Friday will have some non-gluten alcohol at the end of the day.  The food will still be compliant all day but will allow for the celebration.  Then start the cycle of 4 days back on and test one of the foods. This process will take about 25 days of testing one thing and 4 days back on.  I am cool with this.  Because testing some like non-gluten grains, I can have oatmeal for breakfast, corn tortilla chips for lunch and rice for dinner as long as the rest of the foods are compliant, this will eye-opening and fun!


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Whole30 - Days 22 and 23

"The scale is calling clothes are falling off and I really want to jump on the scale...." quoth the Whole30 bible....JennyMac thinks...Yes, I am dying to see what the scale says but I WISH my clothes were falling off....not me....yet. Well, this is one thing.... that really is different.  I can stick a whole fist in the cup of my bra.  😳 This is good and bad.  LOL

Day 22

Breakfast: Frittata, banana with almond butter
Lunch: Last of the BBQ pork, sugar snap peas, and half avocado.
Dinner: Carnitas with peppers and onions, Mexican mixed greens and cantaloupe and plums

Day 23

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 strips of bacon
Lunch: Sauteed Chicken breast with sugar snap peas.
Dinner: Leftover roast pork and spinach and zoodles! Not seen cantaloupe.

Foodie Notes:
So I was watching a video on The Civilized Caveman FB page and he made this amazing salad using the Inspiralizer.  I have two other "fail" gadgets that do this (or supposed to).  One was a total fail (got one Christmas and threw it out after one use) and the other was the Veggetti.  Meh, I used it twice.  But this gadget?  LOVE!!!! Made noodles a mile long, fast and easy!  Very sharp though, George warned us during the video to not touch the blades or you will get cut.  I was talking to K-man as I picked it up and Zoinks.  Stabbed.  Not too bad but you need a bandaid or you will get blood on your zoodles.  I am going to make the apple and onion salad he made using this gadget marvel tomorrow and tell you how it tastes...It's going to be amazing, I just know it.

This is one spiralized onion and 3 medium zucchinis.  I thought I was going have tons of leftovers but it really cooks down.  If you are cooking for many you may want a BIGGER bowl and a big pot!
By the way, one of you asked about my spinach and zoodles recipe.  It's not much.  1 onion, 3 zucchini, one 5 oz box/bag of baby spinach, heaping tbsp. of ghee (doesn't burn) or olive oil. Saute onions first until translucent, add zoodles and salt and pepper to taste and cook until reduced by half,  add spinach leaves. Turn off heat when leaves are wilted.  Toss with more ghee or butter and serve.

One more week! Really?

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Whole30- The Tiger Blood but so over it? Days 20 and 21

You know those steps in your house?  You call to the child or husband to bring down/up the....(enter object needed here)? Yeah, that was me.  Sometimes I'd call to K-man at the top of the basement steps with something for him and either toss it down or call him so he'd walk up and get it....Sad.  But I've noticed lately when I know I need something on another floor, I go to get it now,  no hesitation.  I know some of you may thinking what is wrong WITH her? But when you have no energy and also joint pain, stairs are a debatable issue. ANDDDDD, I couldn't have anything in my hands going down the steps because I had a death grip on the railing.  I can go down the steps without holding the railing to brace myself from the pain. Keep on fading pain....won't miss ya!

So Day 21 is noted by food fatigue or boredom.  Well I guess if you are a lazy person who doesn't like to cook or do any food prep and are eating in a way that avoids cooking, cutting, slicing, mixing, seasoning or creativity, then I can see getting bored. Sucks being them.

Creativity, we all have it in our bones and it manifests itself in many ways,  It's something that should flow with everything you do.  If you put together a lovely home, put your outfits together differently everyday, make faces for your kids pancakes, love notes to your husband then why wouldn't you take the time to make a pretty meal that is pleasing to the eye and varied so you don't get bored?  Um, didn't we even vary our BAD meals? Take my chili that I made a few days back.  It was really good.  But the first day was in a bowl (the traditional way) and the second day was atop a bed of sauteed veggies.  Eat chicken one night for dinner, make the leftovers into chicken salad the next day.

Don't forget doing a plan like this is not hard is the CHANGE of old habits of cooking or eating that is the hard work. Sure you want to have a nice meal in front of you....but you can't have somebody else to make it for you.....that didn't work out for Oprah either.....So, if you invest in the commitment in doing this it right, don't cheat, look for outs. Whining and crying the whole way until day 30 is only torturing you are some fat kid camp who only gets celery sticks and water for a month (and you aren't!). Don't sabotage yourself on day 31 and binge out of desperation instead of starting the reintroduction.  Please don't say "DAY 31! I am ENTITLED, I suffered so I will splurge!"   This plan is an investment in your life and health and ARE YOU NOT WORTH IT?

Don't be like me at age 50 (ugh) and say "what the hell were/are you doing?" I know what I was doing....I was acting like I was some Harry Potter character, hoping to find the right magic wand to tap on my butt that would make all my weight and its problems go POOF, off of me. There is no wand, a major change is not instantaneous, be patient with the process and the rest will fall into place. The Whole30 book should have been used to whack me on the head decades ago!

Day 20
Breakfast: Sausage-Tomato-Spinach Frittata, raspberries and banana
Lunch: Leftover slow cooker pork, sugar snap peas and balsamic beets
Dinner: Leftover chicken nuggets and mixed greens

Day 21
Breakfast: STS Frittata, black olives, sugar snap peas
Lunch: Leftoverpalooza: a few nuggets, salad, beets
Dinner: Brats and Sauteed Zucchini/Onions/Peppers, steamed potato with ghee, bacon and green onions, and a roasted nectarine.

By the way:  Please, please....if there is anything recipe-wise you would like to know or any other questions about not. hesitate. to ask me.  Really.

To my friend who's put Whole30 on hold for now.....You have a wonderful new baby girl in your family of six to tend to right now, enjoy her! Just keep up the organics...the grass-fed, pastured meats....minimize the sugars as best you can....keeping the family eating cleanly not processed if you can help can worry about the dairy, legumes and grains later....Don't beat yourself up about this Momma Bear!

Must Watch!!!  Stumbled upon a post from Katie Couric on FB, which led to an sugar conspiracy article which led to this fabulous youtube video from Dr.'s over an hour....get your coffee and watch! Riveting!

Mind Blown!!!....

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Whole30- The Tiger Blood Days 18 and 19

Here you go, wait for tiger blood video!

Hahahahahha! Thought you'd enjoy that....that was many hours of retakes and editing I hope you know! (jk)

Some of you have asked me some questions about this and that....and I am so excited that my silly little food pictures and commentary is of some value to some of you.  Whether entertainment, nosiness or because you are doing whole30 as well....I am glad to know that my work here is not floating in hyperspace on some alien's Facebook page title "what stupid earth people do...."

First: Here is the almond butter I use:

Got it on one of my first whole30 grocery trips. I got the crunchy.  The crunchy bits are cashews! Remember: cashews, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts are the preferred nuts.  Almonds are suggested not as often. Raw is better because the lack of roasting keeps more of the nutrients in the nuts.  So next time I refill my nuts from TJ, I am getting the raw.  Being a rookie who not fully read the books yet,  I got unsalted, roasted, not raw.  But I use this maybe once, twice a week.  Needs to be refrigerated.

Next- Do not walk, RUN and go buy this....from the gods....Raw Cashew Butter....omfg....

So, my friend Jessica went to My Organic Market (MOM's -my new home) one day and found some sampler butters to try. She ripped it open and tried it with me,  her eyes rolled into her head and said it tasted like white chocolate. Now, I had to try.  White chocolate isn't my first thought but is it soooo dreamily smooth unlike the coarseness of the other butters.  Because it is raw, it has such a natural sweetness that you keep looking at the ingredients on the jar, swearing it has some kind of sugar in it. I am afraid during a moment of stress I could sit on the kitchen floor with a spoon and do some serious damage here.  Lovely.  MOM's's not located in the thick of the other's off up a few shelves and to the left....I don't know why ....but it certainly deserves to not be below with those other peon butters HA!  And it doesn't have to be refrigerated!!! I like this because my sensitive teeth doesn't like cold foods anyway and room temperature foods have better flavor I think.

Next: Sugar-free bacon is hard to find!

I think I should keep buying these in groups of FIVE, that perhaps if they think it's super popular they will buy more and always have tons of it.  The bad news...there are only 8 slices per package, maybe nine if you won the lottery this week. But the price is $5.49 but if you are the only one doing Whole30, you will become a miserly witch over each 68 cent slice and give the rest of your family the organic uncured, nitrite-free, OTHER bacons WITH sugar and SAVE this stuff for YOU! Strips of gold.  Okaaaayyyyy, if your whole family is doing Whole30 you better buy five packages at once too! I get out my griddle and do two packages at once, put in a ziploc....good for two weeks. Two package for one family for one meal, easy. Personally, I have no desire to being making bacon every day.  But batch frying makes my soul happy to have days off from greasy messes. I should go buy stock in this company....

Last product review for today: GHEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Hello, lovahhhhh. (I visualize Sarah Jessica Parker saying this while she's oogling designer shoes)

GIANT JAR.  At Mom's the largest jar they have is Organic Valley Ghee, 13 oz. jar is $12.99.  At this baby comes 32 fl. oz ...TWO for 35.00 (free shipping if you have PRIME, like me) for a price of 17.00 buck. *take calculator out* ...Unit price of Organic valley- 99 cents per ounce.  Ancient Organics- 53 cents.  No refrigeration unless been open for over 2 months.  Beautifully packaged, all paper, boxes can be repurposed for holiday time. Can be used as lotion but I am afraid that I'd start licking myself like the cats or they'd start on me....

Day 18:
Breakfast: Nuts and Berries, felt like a light day watching the SNOW fall for 1/2 hour on April 9!!! WTH!
Lunch: Leftover sausage, onions & peppers and fried eggs! Few berries...Love!

Dinner: Chicken Nuggets (organic chicken coated in coconut flour, egg wash , coated with seasoned unsweetened coconut and ground almonds), sauteed Kale and roasted carrots in ghee, raspberries and homemade mayo and Tessemae's ketchup to dip. (note: going to try another time with only coconut, by the end of dinner, the coating falls too easily off the nugget).

Day 19:
Breakfast: Cashew butter on bananas with raspberries & lil bit of cinnamon sprinkle. Coconut cream in my coffee.

Lunch: Spinach, bacon and tomato frittata (with enough leftover for next week's breakfasts!)

Dinner: Ribeye steaks, grilled asparagus with ghee, balsamic beets and strawberries (picture to come)

Additional notings: Some of you have asked me "Is K-man doing Whole30 too?" The answer is yes and no.  Kinda, is not a proper answer.  Yes, with me. No, away from home. At dinner he eats whole30 with me and expresses no whining about not having bread/rolls as we used to. During the day away at work, K-man eats what he's craving.  While he is still working his last days before retirement of 35 years from his devoted service to our city, he will enjoy eating what he does with his coworkers at his favorite haunts until the end of this month. 

K-man is a man-boy who likes his peanut butter, sandwiches, oatmeal and ice cream (cakes and cookies too). I'd like him to experience Whole30 to see first hand (not from ME telling him) how food choices (diet) can really have a positive effect and NOT make you pine and crave for crap. (Two hours after dinner he's searching around for treats and snacks- he has a HUGE Sugar Dragon in him and doesn't think it's a problem. 2 hours after dinner I am content and ready for bed. This is still very scary for him because he can't disassociate 30 days of discipline from a lifetime of denial. I try to explain that under Whole30, you go through an amazing change of not CRAVING empty calories foods. But when I start to get on my soap box, he reverts backs to the rebel teen who doesn't want to be told what to do and I begin to feel like that dog owner who is pulling their dog into the bathtub who hates getting wet.

The man who is controlled by his wife either doesn't know it or is okay with it.  The man who free to do whatever he wants, can eat what he wants and has no children to take care of anymore, the moment something new is suggested by their wife they think their freedoms are threatened and they begin to buck. I am willing to admit that I did not help myself at all by having/making tempting things around the house and buying those favorites of my husbands to contribute to his sugar delinquency. I am "fixing me" and when K-man wants to do Whole30 correctly and not partly, I will be here. So all I can do now is keep on truckin'....and me do me!

*clawing gesture* Rawr!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Whole30- The Tiger Blood Days 16 and 17

Tiger Blood! Are any of you familiar with what THIS is in reference to?  Lollolololl. Yes, Charlie Sheen in his whacked out, drug induced manic you-tube posts....WOW....that would be an interesting look on me!  However, I am not sure if I will scare or entertain my middle schoolers with that portrayal. 😸 Sadly, I am not looking, acting or feeling like THAT.  Drat. Maybe I would feel like cleaning the house from top to bottom with THAT energy. But it's all good.  At least I feel good and happy.

Day 16 Menu-

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 homemade sausage patties (no, I still am not tired of this, it's already made, convenient, I can mix it up on the weekend)
Lunch: Chicken salad, with onions, shredded carrots and peppers with homemade mayo (this was the last of the roasted chicken I made the day before I started-great value of time and energy) and almond butter drizzled banana chunks. Finished a half bottle of kombucha.
Dinner: Leftover chili on a veggie mix, the last of the leftover chicken poppers (sauteed peppers, onions and zucchini in ghee) and orange slices.

Day 17 Menu-

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 slices of bacon
Lunch: Leftover veggies and chili and romaine salad
Dinner: Sauteed peppers and onions, organic Italian sausages, 1/2 sweet potato with ghee (not seen sliced oranges)

 More notations:

Still no allergy meds. Next, do any of you get those annoying bumps on your upper arms? I did. Gone!  Now, I didn't have the chronic bump problem that were pervasively sand paperish and I have seen or accidentally touched on other girls.  But mine were minor enough, that  I could detect them.  I couldn't loofah enough in the shower or moisturize to get rid of them.  The joint pain is radically diminished but faint disappears over the day. As for the heel pain, it too fades over the day, which I think is more weight related than food reaction. I had this many years ago when I was at my heaviest (365 lbs, yeah, I will own it) although I am not close to that anymore but I really believe the joint and heel pains was my body's way to stop me earlier from getting bigger again.  My body was used to being so much lighter since 2005 that by starting the heel pain again to light a fire under my butt and do something.  And I did, fire lit! Yesterday was the first day that I felt and looked different when I got dressed in the morning and that is awesome.  Nothing worse than getting dressed every morning and by passing the mirror because you don't even wanna look.  Now I do!

 Tiger Blood -Raawwwrrrrr🙀

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Whole30 Day 14 and 15

Still no weird dreams but halfway baby!!!

Day 14

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 bacon slice, sausage patty
Lunch: leftover chicken and confetti cauliflower
Dinner: Homemade chili, half an avocado, sauteed kale and strawberries.

Easy Sauteed Kale!

2 small bunches of lacianto or Dinosaur Kale
2 cloves of garlic
salt and pepper to taste
ghee or olive oil
juice of half a lemon

Wash and tear your Kale leaves, saute garlic in your ghee or olive oil. Add Kale leaves and stir several times and cook for 5-7 minutes, salt and pepper to taste.  Shut off heat, squeeze lemon all over leaves and stir.  Cover and let rest for 5 minutes.  Enjoy!  This was my first try at eating cooked Kale.  Loved it!

Day 15

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, bacon slices, banana and blackberries
Lunch: chicken salad in a lettuce wrap.
Dinner: Chicken Poppers, guacamole, salsa, mixed greens salad, strawberries


 Noteable Notes:  Still feeling great, I think a lot about this new plan and how it's hard to not call it a diet but I am really committed to eating organic and grass-fed, etc from now on....I've been on so many diets and they were mostly torture but this isn't.  So I visualize always, will I stay on whole30 or will I go Paleo....that kinda stuff. Have you tried Kombucha? I highly recommend it.  I had heard much about it but never knew why people were drinking it.  It is fermented tea and many companies sell it and their own flavors.  This is good because for the same reason we want to eat yogurt for the probiotic effect we knew in our tummies that those who can't eat dairy, should drink Kombucha.  Unless you are going to eat sauerkraut and kimchi....drinking is easier. I have only tried this company so far and I am going to stick with it.  I know I have heard others try others and have been disgusted but these are offset with natural juices which is compliant for whole30.  If you want to get fancy and place it in a wine glass and pretend you are getting alcohol (it does have a certain tang.) Start slow with flavors you know you will like like strawberry, citrus or of my friends tried the one with chia seeds and she said it was  I think I may skip that one....

Here's Kombucha in your eye! Ouch!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Whole30 - Days 12 and 13

I dream of junk food? No such dreams here....perhaps my work thoughts are more pervasive? I've never been a food dreamer no matter how deprived I have been in the past. I've been on plenty of DIETs in my lifetime....emphasizing the DIE part....clearly they worked but the same old eating habits kicked back in and the weight fell back on....But the whole30 makes so much could you NOT want this to be a new way to eat, for real? Other than adjusting to not having beans, rice, bread, dessert around....they just aren't needed, they are just calories!  If you do this plan right, you will not even WANT them. But the plan helps us find how these foods impact how our body works or more importantly how we FEEL.  I want to feel good, I am feeling better and loving how this plan is changing me....go to afterthoughts to see what!

Day 12:

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs with peppers and onions, 3 organic homemade sausage patties and some blackberries.

Lunch: Nuts, beef stick, Veggies.... bunch of snacks....was busy
Dinner: Leftover Pulled Pork, Confetti Cauliflower, Mixed Green salad, and strawberries.

Day 13: 

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 slices of bacon, cranberry kombucha
Lunch: leftover confetti cauliflower and roasted chicken, cucumber slices and seltzer
Dinner: Burger Night! Bacon Avocado Burger with a portabello bun and mixed green salad.

Second pic just in case you didn't believe there was a burger underneath those avocado slices! LOL
Please excuse the flashlighting.....We were hungry...

 I swear, I didn't miss the bun at all...I did want some cheese though!😪

Afterthoughts....This morning, I was looking at a candy jar that had a leftover mix of candies in it (about 8, some Mary Janes and two chocolate covered wrapped candies) and after looking at them for the past 13 days with no real feeling about them today I went to the jar- my head said 'Not even worth it" and threw them away. Although I walked by them looking at them all 2 weeks into this plan, like they were going to be some reward at the end of brain just prompted me to get rid of them because I just have no interest in them at all. Other than a special night out where eating something like grains, cheese or sugar, I really don't miss having them in the house.

I got this!