Saturday, April 2, 2016

Whole30 - Day 10 and 11

The hardest days? Feeling the most deprived?  I see my friends eating foods with gooey cheese and it makes me cranky!  I quit this Whole30 plan......APRIL FOOLS! Hahahahaa Yes, how ironic that day 10 (the first of the hardest day) falls on April Fools day and I had committed to make this for our team's pot luck luncheon....April Fool's Spaghetti and Meatball's...full of flour (cake) and tons of SUGAR (frosting, berries and doughnuts)!

I couldn't even eat the mashed raspberries because they were macerated in sugar. Did this absolutely kill me? Was I drooling? Was I squeezing my eyes in pain over this task?  Nope! If anything I hated getting the stuff on my hands because they were sticky and normally we lick them to get rid of the sugary substance off our fingers from time to time. And out of habit, I did once. I had finished a part one of making this cake and had leftover cake batter. When I filled some mini muffin cups a tiny splash of batter hit the muffin tin whose size actually resembled a ! Slightly bigger but small and I usually wipe this away so they don't burn on the pan and in went the barely battered finger onto my tongue!  I FROZE! I was expecting some pulsating pleasure to course through my veins as heroin addict feels as they release the rubber band to allow the forbidden liquid to flow on.  It didn't, so I quickly went over to the sink to wash out any of the .009 grams of sugar on that tiny dot before it had the chance to sink into a taste bud.

However, the oohs and ahhs I got from my co-workers was reward enough than any sugar rush I bowl was returned to me with only one cake slice and few meatballs left which indicated they enjoyed it!  I took the leftovers and divided it up to my little quartet of sixth graders who adoringly come to hang out with me after school any chance they get...Their eyes became big as those meatballs when I showed them the before picture here.  They were proud that they were able to help with the cake and the spaghetti part but the sauce and meatballs were done right before I left for the lunch so they couldn't see the finished product.

Day 10

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 slices of bacon
Lunch: Slow Cooker Apple Cider Pulled Pork  and frozen spinach, a few raw carrots and good handful of fresh strawberries.
Dinner: "Bangers and Mash" organic, sugar-free sausages (andouille and bratwurst) mashed potatoes and orange slices (Whole30 guest, my friend Jessica- who didn't REMIND me to snap a picture of dinner for my blog!!!)

So yeah, this is the leftovers heated up before my Brunch transformation.

Day 11

Dark and rainy this morning. I must have been exhausted from the week because my eyes did not pop open until 11:30 this morning!?!?!? That is fine, if sleep is what my body wants and not sugar...I will give in to it.

Br-unch: Dinner leftovers with two fried eggs on top and black coffee.

Dinner: Slow Cooker Apple Cider Pulled Pork (recipe link above), sauteed zucchini, cilantro and dried tomatoes and sliced avocado.

Notations: A long week it seems, always after a vacation from school AND acclimating to a new food plan with work...AND a major milestone birthday....spells STRESSED....and that spelled backward is DESSERTS! Luckily I didn't feel the need to go there, no did I miss having cake on my b-day....(montone mantra...cake will not fall from the will still be here when you complete the plan Jenny....have faith, there is no last day of cake where it will cease to exist....even the stupid Twinkie reappeared after Hostess closed down -eww).

I figured, making it 1/3 through and not wanting to quit after a long week.  Treat myself with non-food.  It was time to transition to spring by getting the pedicure so I can wear sandals, etc.  So, I talked Jessica into getting the SPA pedicure, which is longer, with massage and special scrubs, etc.  Her legs were were feeling tired....we've been doing a great job on this....why not? We deserve it!  BTW, still no allergy medications being taken.

Feeling cheery, deary!

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