Saturday, April 30, 2016

Whole30 Reintroduction Dairy Day 7 and shocking UPDATE

Before I get to the cheesy stuff.  I want to follow through on my non-gluten grains stuff.  So the point of the reintroduction is to isolate one type of food for a day while being compliant with meat and veggies, fruit and wait 3 days to see if it had any effect. I did, in an interesting way.  You are supposed to eat (new food) with a compliant breakfast, lunch and dinner, (if you want) and wait for 3 days.  I ate only one thing (GF stuffing) for dinner BUT for two nights in a row.  No other GF foods though.

After the first dinner, I just didn't feel right.  Not badly, but I just wasn't feeling my norm from the past whole30 days of "happy full." I know it's not very descriptive but "ugh" is all I can give you. I moved around after dinner and that ugh feeling went away.  I slept fine.  Dinner with stuffing day 'ugh' feeling BUT I was having a fitful sleep.  Kept waking up and changing positions, was hot in bed even though the AC was on....we had the windows closed and when I woke up and my sinuses were all swollen as though I needed to take my decongestant. 😳 The past few days we've been sleeping with the windows open during this pollen season and I was not taking any meds for it.

Conclusion? Perhaps have something GF grains is not something I should be eating on a daily basis.  That is why doing Paleo makes so much sense now...Once in a while....but NOT definitely back to back. Make enough for just K-man and I leftovers unless he is going to eat it all.  No, he has a two day limit on leftovers.

In preparation for dairy day.....I made Cloud Bread....made two batches, one with greek yogurt and the other with cream cheese.  Fluffy but too delicate for me. I am sticking with my cheenie, chebe breads...

Shaved Beef over sauteed asparagus, mushrooms and onions....Note to self: Shaved beef doesn't need a marinade....or don't add marinade while cooking....I moved too fast while I was thinking this and dumped into pan.  Dry beef, not wet beef next time. Yes, don't send me comments that it looks like a vomit pile.  I realize this, I have eyes. 😖 But I am human and not all my dinner or food pix turn out like a magazine layout, no one's do....except for those food stylist people. I am sure all their meals are photo ready and they look at food blogs to get their critique on....Move on...

All day I dream about cheese......I miss cheese.  The gooey, chewy-ness of it....I really miss cheesy goodness.  I am gonna get cheese wasted...

-The Reintroduction Day 7- Dairy

Breakfast: egg salad sandwich on cloud bread (link above)

Lunch: Roasted chicken and veggie salad with cheese chunks
Dinner: Sausage Spaghetti sauce on spaghetti squash topped with Parmesan.

Noteable Notes:

-I was so excited to eat cheese and it wasn't a thrilling as I thought it was.  Meh. No Angels going "ahhhhh!" around eyes rolling in the back of my head. Then I got a cold.  Was eating dairy responsible?  UPDATE!!!! YES!... Here I sit Sunday suffering from what I think is a cold. I blow my nose....all clear.  I am congested yet can breath with difficulty. I am sneezing. I am coughing up gunk from my lungs and yet my nose stuff runs clear. I started taking my allergy meds then I start to feel better in the nasal area. 12 hours later....congested and blowing out clear stuff. Then I occurred to me...AM I SO STUPID TO NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A COMMON COLD AND MY ALLERGIES COMING BACK? I am typing this after I took some allergy meds again and I feel absolutely fine.  I did NOT EAT DAIRY, one DAY....I did THREE DAYS in A ROW. I. AM. AN. IDIOT. So- did some research online about nasal allergies aggravated by dairy products and....BINGO! I told K-man I feel like I discovered the cure to cancer!(I wish) but I had no idea that my eating dairy was why I have suffered with allergies for SOOOOO long.  Just. WOW. Mind blown!!!

-I am going to to let you know that I am NOT going to do the gluten portion of the whole30.  Reintroduction is done to me. Why?  I just don't miss or need wheat.  And I was eating way too much bread.  Don't get me wrong but I love bread but I wasn't missing it like cheese. Wheat to me is just as bad as corn, GMO'ed to death. If I want a burger, I will ask for no bun if there is a GF option or just wrap it in lettuce if possible. These days restaurants are pretty used to all sorts of requests, "dressing on the side, can I get it without cheese?", etc. Burger places are pretty saavy now with GF buns or lettuce wraps. 

-BIGgest News?!?!?- Do you remember my disappointment with only losing 3 pounds from the original 30 days? AND ....that I said that I would devote my reintroduction week to eating less fruit, and nuts, nut butters and potatoes?  WELL I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I lost more in this week alone that those original 30 days! 6 FREAKIN' POUNDS! And I ate some grain foods for two days and a margarita and some cheese foods for two days and a homemade paleo Butterscotch coffee with a Tbsp of maple syrup!!!  😳 Yes, I know I overused the "ands" but I was happy for myself.

Tune in next time for my overall whole30 evaluation and future plans and recipes!

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