Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nice to be appreciated...

...And I appreciate YOU Katie. Thank YOU!

Some of you may have noticed that I've been dormant for a bit. I have highs and lows about my food blogging. I went strong for about a year and then perhaps a few 'know-it-alls' would comment negatively and it would bug me. Of course I know my stuff and think many people who do make rude, negative comments are idiots generally and don't know what the HELL they are talking about but these comments did trigger an overall feeling of 'why bother' blogging?

One person emailed me a few months ago..."I see you haven't posted in awhile....I guess you threw in the towel"....


I even stopped experimenting with fun recipes for meals for I let the negativity thwart my adventurous juices to get out and try new fun stuff. K-man will be just fine with basics...spaghetti one night, hamburgers on the grill....he was but occasionally he'd HINT about a meal. "This should go on your blog" I felt I lost my mojo. I went and found a new friend on the WWW and started playing Facebook games....they care about me! Yeah, they want me to send them stuff to get farther in the gaming. Two my foodie blog friends who were playing stopping playing the games and devoted their time in blogging....I knew that Cafe World was NOT appropriate replacement for REAL food.

TODAY I got this email (pasted word for word):

Hi Jenny, I just want to send you a quick note to let you know that I found
your blog linked through the Pioneer Woman's blog, (WHAT? I didn't know I was on there?) via your baked Salami and Mozzarella egg rolls. I just started reading your blog and I absolutely LOVE it. It's easy, fun and it makes me feel like I can cook everything myself. I am obsessed with all these wonderful food blogs out there lately, and I recently read your post about how you had been down on yourself and you felt like no one would notice if you stopped blogging. Well, now..I will notice!
I will be constantly checking your fab blog for fun recipes to make for my fiance. I am pumped to make him the jalapeno and sausage breakfast strudel! Especially since he hates anything sweet! (Party pooper!) So thanks for keeping people like me, who aren't confident enough to start my own Foodie blog, inspired enough to give these amazing recipes a whirl in our own kitchens!! So keep up the amazing work and have a wonderful day!! -Katie

AWWWWW. Katie you are so sweet! That really made my day.

I really need to stop letting my inner demons take over and just go with the flow...When something good is happening in the it about it.

Luckily today with the game coming on I was making something fun to munch on:

Sweet and Spicy Meatballs
JennyMac Lipsmack Creation

1 bottle Heinz chili sauce
1 small jar of grape jelly
1 small jar of jalapeno jelly
3 packages of premade beef meatballs (they had about 12 per package)
1/2 onion minced in food processor
4 jalapenos, deveined and seeded, minced in food processor

Place all meatballs in the the crockpot. Place sauce and jellies on top. Don't worry about mixing it. When the inside gets hot enough to melt everything, THEN you can mix it. Add minced onion and peppers. Cook on HIGH until sauce is thickened and meatballs are coated. Eat with toothpicks as appetizer or as K-man wanted just some bread on the side.