Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Whole30- The Tiger Blood but so over it? Days 20 and 21

You know those steps in your house?  You call to the child or husband to bring down/up the....(enter object needed here)? Yeah, that was me.  Sometimes I'd call to K-man at the top of the basement steps with something for him and either toss it down or call him so he'd walk up and get it....Sad.  But I've noticed lately when I know I need something on another floor, I go to get it now,  no hesitation.  I know some of you may thinking what is wrong WITH her? But when you have no energy and also joint pain, stairs are a debatable issue. ANDDDDD, I couldn't have anything in my hands going down the steps because I had a death grip on the railing.  I can go down the steps without holding the railing to brace myself from the pain. Keep on fading pain....won't miss ya!

So Day 21 is noted by food fatigue or boredom.  Well I guess if you are a lazy person who doesn't like to cook or do any food prep and are eating in a way that avoids cooking, cutting, slicing, mixing, seasoning or creativity, then I can see getting bored. Sucks being them.

Creativity, we all have it in our bones and it manifests itself in many ways,  It's something that should flow with everything you do.  If you put together a lovely home, put your outfits together differently everyday, make faces for your kids pancakes, love notes to your husband then why wouldn't you take the time to make a pretty meal that is pleasing to the eye and varied so you don't get bored?  Um, didn't we even vary our BAD meals? Take my chili that I made a few days back.  It was really good.  But the first day was in a bowl (the traditional way) and the second day was atop a bed of sauteed veggies.  Eat chicken one night for dinner, make the leftovers into chicken salad the next day.

Don't forget doing a plan like this is not hard work....it is the CHANGE of old habits of cooking or eating that is the hard work. Sure you want to have a nice meal in front of you....but you can't have somebody else to make it for you.....that didn't work out for Oprah either.....So, if you invest in the commitment in doing this Whole30...do it right, don't cheat, look for outs. Whining and crying the whole way until day 30 is only torturing yourself...like you are some fat kid camp who only gets celery sticks and water for a month (and you aren't!). Don't sabotage yourself on day 31 and binge out of desperation instead of starting the reintroduction.  Please don't say "DAY 31! I am ENTITLED, I suffered so I will splurge!"   This plan is an investment in your life and health and ARE YOU NOT WORTH IT?

Don't be like me at age 50 (ugh) and say "what the hell were/are you doing?" I know what I was doing....I was acting like I was some Harry Potter character, hoping to find the right magic wand to tap on my butt that would make all my weight and its problems go POOF, off of me. There is no wand, a major change is not instantaneous, be patient with the process and the rest will fall into place. The Whole30 book should have been used to whack me on the head decades ago!

Day 20
Breakfast: Sausage-Tomato-Spinach Frittata, raspberries and banana
Lunch: Leftover slow cooker pork, sugar snap peas and balsamic beets
Dinner: Leftover chicken nuggets and mixed greens

Day 21
Breakfast: STS Frittata, black olives, sugar snap peas
Lunch: Leftoverpalooza: a few nuggets, salad, beets
Dinner: Brats and Sauteed Zucchini/Onions/Peppers, steamed potato with ghee, bacon and green onions, and a roasted nectarine.

By the way:  Please, please....if there is anything recipe-wise you would like to know or any other questions about prep....do. not. hesitate. to ask me.  Really.

To my friend who's put Whole30 on hold for now.....You have a wonderful new baby girl in your family of six to tend to right now, enjoy her! Just keep up the organics...the grass-fed, pastured meats....minimize the sugars as best you can....keeping the family eating cleanly not processed if you can help it...you can worry about the dairy, legumes and grains later....Don't beat yourself up about this Momma Bear!

Must Watch!!!  Stumbled upon a post from Katie Couric on FB, which led to an sugar conspiracy article which led to this fabulous youtube video from Dr. Lustig....it's over an hour....get your coffee and watch! Riveting!

Mind Blown!!!....

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