Thursday, April 14, 2016

Whole30 - Days 22 and 23

"The scale is calling clothes are falling off and I really want to jump on the scale...." quoth the Whole30 bible....JennyMac thinks...Yes, I am dying to see what the scale says but I WISH my clothes were falling off....not me....yet. Well, this is one thing.... that really is different.  I can stick a whole fist in the cup of my bra.  😳 This is good and bad.  LOL

Day 22

Breakfast: Frittata, banana with almond butter
Lunch: Last of the BBQ pork, sugar snap peas, and half avocado.
Dinner: Carnitas with peppers and onions, Mexican mixed greens and cantaloupe and plums

Day 23

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 strips of bacon
Lunch: Sauteed Chicken breast with sugar snap peas.
Dinner: Leftover roast pork and spinach and zoodles! Not seen cantaloupe.

Foodie Notes:
So I was watching a video on The Civilized Caveman FB page and he made this amazing salad using the Inspiralizer.  I have two other "fail" gadgets that do this (or supposed to).  One was a total fail (got one Christmas and threw it out after one use) and the other was the Veggetti.  Meh, I used it twice.  But this gadget?  LOVE!!!! Made noodles a mile long, fast and easy!  Very sharp though, George warned us during the video to not touch the blades or you will get cut.  I was talking to K-man as I picked it up and Zoinks.  Stabbed.  Not too bad but you need a bandaid or you will get blood on your zoodles.  I am going to make the apple and onion salad he made using this gadget marvel tomorrow and tell you how it tastes...It's going to be amazing, I just know it.

This is one spiralized onion and 3 medium zucchinis.  I thought I was going have tons of leftovers but it really cooks down.  If you are cooking for many you may want a BIGGER bowl and a big pot!
By the way, one of you asked about my spinach and zoodles recipe.  It's not much.  1 onion, 3 zucchini, one 5 oz box/bag of baby spinach, heaping tbsp. of ghee (doesn't burn) or olive oil. Saute onions first until translucent, add zoodles and salt and pepper to taste and cook until reduced by half,  add spinach leaves. Turn off heat when leaves are wilted.  Toss with more ghee or butter and serve.

One more week! Really?

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