Saturday, April 16, 2016

Whole30 - Day 24 and 25

"Who is this in the mirror?" It's me JennyMac and what are you doing in my mirror? lol I don't think I am quite to THAT point over obsessing what I see or feel by looking in the mirror.....but I am enjoying how I feel....sleep well, moving around better (heels are still hurting but I still have a way to that will go in time, I am not worried), no stomach upsets, no sinus swelling= no allergy meds. Totally feel sated, rarely snack anymore. No cravings. Don't miss sweets and being the sponsor for Cookie Club and rolling dough and baking them doesn't bother me in the least.  Very happy and plan on continuing this, no reason to stop when you feel so good.

Day 24
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 strips of bacon, banana and almond butter
Lunch: Frittata, mixed greens salad and sugar snap peas
Dinner: Hamburger, sauteed mushrooms and onions, some baked fries and Civilized Caveman's Apple Cranberry Salad (the bomb!)

Day 25
When the day is crazy, the food is too....
Breakfast: Two pieces of bacon, Banana, Spicy Beef Stick
Lunch: Leftover Apple Salad
Dinner: Eggs and sausage, roasted brocco-flower

So it's at this time is when the reality sets in that the countdown of the last week begins.  It doesn't really mean anything other than, I begin another phase, nothing radical is happening here.  On Friday morning I will get to weigh myself, and I have purchased some Hard Apple Cider to celebrate.  Thursday is done with the compliant 30 days, Friday will have some non-gluten alcohol at the end of the day.  The food will still be compliant all day but will allow for the celebration.  Then start the cycle of 4 days back on and test one of the foods. This process will take about 25 days of testing one thing and 4 days back on.  I am cool with this.  Because testing some like non-gluten grains, I can have oatmeal for breakfast, corn tortilla chips for lunch and rice for dinner as long as the rest of the foods are compliant, this will eye-opening and fun!


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