Saturday, April 2, 2016

Whole30- Day 8 and 9

NOOOO! my pants are tighter? Due to our body adjusting to new intake of meat and vegetables and the lack of easy-access sugar I am bloated? Since my ankles were looking like grapefruits before Whole30 and they became normal again....I look down to my ankles now at the end of a long day and see that my ankles are a little bloated.  But they aren't the old grapefruits at least. Seems like I am on target then....well, at least for this day.

Day 8-

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 1/2 pieces of bacon and 1 banana and black coffee.
Lunch: Chicken salad and spinach leaves, some leftover poppers, a few strawberries.
Snack: Nuts, carrots
Dinner: Oven Barbecued Chicken with Tessemae's Barbecue Sauce, sweet potato hash with peppers and onions.

Day 9- Happy Birthday to ME!
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 pieces of bacon and about 8 cantaloupe pieces and coffee with coconut cream.
Lunch: Leftover sweet potato hash and chicken.
Dinner: Night off from cooking and had a burger from Elevation Burger. Organic, Grass-fed Double burger with tomato, onion, guacamole and mushrooms in a LETTUCE wrap.  Ordered it carryout, so I could use my Tessemae's Ketchup and homemade mayo and add my own side of squash at home.

Coupla Notes: I am hesitant to eat out only because I cannot control knowing what is in the ingredients for something like ketchup.  I had heard from my Whole30 partner in crime Jessica and friend that Elevation Burger was Whole30 compliant by lettuce wrapping their burgers and frying their potatoes in olive oil, that was cool to hear however it's all the things you take for granted like condiments that can contain SUGAR even if they are organic!  We were forced to bring the dinner home because we took off so late that I had forgotten to bring my own Tessemae's Ketchup and homemade mayo with me. I was so distracted by getting my burger order right, that I had forgotten to get a side salad....again, you can't necessarily trust their organic salad dressing unless you go to basic vinegar and oil. BTW, the french fries are NOT compliant. Notice I did not mention that I had any.  The book specifically says that frying a potato stick or chip in olive oil does not make it whole30 compliant just as they say to not blend a banana with an egg to make pancakes.  We are trying to break some of these old habits such as the expectation of when a burger or sandwich happens....then come the fries or chips. My friend Jessica when there last week and ate a burger and fries and was happy how compliant she was....I did this....😳 When you start a plan like this you can just scan a few parts to 'get the jist' you have to commit to reading the whole book to understand how these bad habits start and this plan operates to break them.  I also suggest to also read It Starts with Food because it give all the science background of this plan.  I know I friend Jess, not so much.  I now wear the coach whistle!

Yes, I am experiencing the return of bloating as predicted due to my body adjusting to this different food intake and that is okay only because I am not experiencing any cravings or feelings of quitting.  Especially on a special day like a birthday when I should be drinking wine and eating a big slab of chocolate cake!!! Wine and cake will still be around when I finish the initial 30 days.  I am cool with this.

Tight, ain't right!

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