Monday, April 4, 2016

Whole30 - Days 12 and 13

I dream of junk food? No such dreams here....perhaps my work thoughts are more pervasive? I've never been a food dreamer no matter how deprived I have been in the past. I've been on plenty of DIETs in my lifetime....emphasizing the DIE part....clearly they worked but the same old eating habits kicked back in and the weight fell back on....But the whole30 makes so much could you NOT want this to be a new way to eat, for real? Other than adjusting to not having beans, rice, bread, dessert around....they just aren't needed, they are just calories!  If you do this plan right, you will not even WANT them. But the plan helps us find how these foods impact how our body works or more importantly how we FEEL.  I want to feel good, I am feeling better and loving how this plan is changing me....go to afterthoughts to see what!

Day 12:

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs with peppers and onions, 3 organic homemade sausage patties and some blackberries.

Lunch: Nuts, beef stick, Veggies.... bunch of snacks....was busy
Dinner: Leftover Pulled Pork, Confetti Cauliflower, Mixed Green salad, and strawberries.

Day 13: 

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 slices of bacon, cranberry kombucha
Lunch: leftover confetti cauliflower and roasted chicken, cucumber slices and seltzer
Dinner: Burger Night! Bacon Avocado Burger with a portabello bun and mixed green salad.

Second pic just in case you didn't believe there was a burger underneath those avocado slices! LOL
Please excuse the flashlighting.....We were hungry...

 I swear, I didn't miss the bun at all...I did want some cheese though!😪

Afterthoughts....This morning, I was looking at a candy jar that had a leftover mix of candies in it (about 8, some Mary Janes and two chocolate covered wrapped candies) and after looking at them for the past 13 days with no real feeling about them today I went to the jar- my head said 'Not even worth it" and threw them away. Although I walked by them looking at them all 2 weeks into this plan, like they were going to be some reward at the end of brain just prompted me to get rid of them because I just have no interest in them at all. Other than a special night out where eating something like grains, cheese or sugar, I really don't miss having them in the house.

I got this!

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