Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Unlike anything I've tried....


As adults....(if you are a candy eater...) we've tried alot of candy by now. I am a confessed chocoholic (eaten lots of brands/types) and rarely at this point in my life has something I've tried brings me to talk it up to people: "Have you tried these, OMG...you better, they are heavenly."

I received this candy as a gift this Christmas, we chuckled for a bit that the package said "Made in Poland." The gifter being from Romania and me the giftee...we've had a few conversations about the similiar European foods we've grown up eating (1/2 my roots being Polish). She saw them, noticed where they were made....was testing me to see if I caught it. Sure DID!!

I also noticed that these candies were made by the same company Ferrero Rocher. You know, the little balls of chocolate hugging a crispy shell containing a toasted hazelnut epicenter that is enrobed by a soft rich truffle-like chocolate? Remember now? I know you've seen millions of these especially around Christmas with their copious amounts of combo gift packages! Now they are back for Valentine's Day!

So I went home and tried one of these:

Rolled in Coconut. Be careful...more coconut will fall on your lap from inside the package. Looks like the Ferrero Rocher chocolate ones. But these aren't chocolate. Cuz you know white chocolate really isn't chocolate at all (only the cocoa butter from the cocoa beans). But these don't have cocoa butter in them. Perhaps I shouldn't tell you....otherwise you healthy/diet conscious folk may not want to eat them...But a splurge every so often is ok...everything in moderation right?

I could smell the almond as soon as I open the package. Coconut, almond....I love almond joys, oh man, I am in trouble here!. I bit into it (you can't be a glutton and pop it all in...you have to explore first what you are about to discover!

My teeth hit that same crispy shell and soft almond filling hits my lips. Coconut falling all over my shirt now...I pull away and see this. I haven't even hit the little toasted almond in the center yet. Of course, all the crunchiness, creamy, chewy goodness is flooding my senses...NOW...the impulse to throw it ALL in my mouth. So smooth, little chewy coconut. It's all coconut and almond! Have you ever hummed a little song to yourself and popped your shoulders up and down while you chewed it was so good? It's THAT Yummy.

In the package of 15 I originally got...I was miserly passing one to K-man, one to my mom, one to grandmom,etc....they were Mmmm'ing in unison...hopefully they wouldn't see that I snatched the box back and closed it....hoarding the rest for me.

So here's the problem....I NEVER saw these in the STORES!!!! Now I've seen their combo gift packages....I've only bought the one type with the Hazelnuts. I didn't know if those other wrappers were just colored to be different colors or if they had different flavors inside. Yet these wrappers were white and red plastic, not the foil wrappers. I didn't have time to go around and mess with this....I WANTED MORE BEFORE THEY RAN OUT!....JennyMac goes online...finds it on Amazon and Candyshoponline. Now it's a matter of which is the better price. Amazon wins of course...and they were ordering it from Candyshoponline anyway LOL....too funny.

So I ordered two boxes. One for Mom and Grandmom and the other for the house for guests (afterall, I was being so miserly at first) and I knew Mom and G-mom would appreciate that they were made in Poland...the boxes come in and I look at my new boxes: WTH?


GEEZ!!!! Of course I know that chocolate is made all over the world and many companies have several locations to manufacture their chocolate. No, the Polish ones don't taste any different than the Belgium ones...if you are wondering. Sniff, sniff....But they just don't seem so special to me now.

Maybe if I ate another one....I'd feel better....

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