Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Girly Observation...

I read many of your blogs everyday ladies! Most of you are married and you blog about the highs and lows of your marriage....the good, bad and the ugly of your spouse. Trust me, I hear ya.

I am not married to K-man. Yes, we live in sin...LOL. We have been together for over 2 years and it's wonderful. In my little blog musing today, I wanted to emphasize to appreciate anything or everything your man does.

First, I am not saying AT ALL, that any of my lady food bloggers are NOT doing this....this is just my input, my observations, how happy my 'thank you's' make K-man. Or possibly how happy your man would be over some extra thank you's.

Of course, I do most things around the house...the cooking, the cleaning, the gardening, the laundry BUT that is because I take the initiative to do it and just want it done quickly or MY way. But WHENEVER, I ask K-man....for help he does it.

  • He hates shopping...but if I really want him to go (to pick out HIS fish) he goes without making issue. After, I thank him.
  • I do all the cooking, BUT if I need him to chop, or help carry food out, set up for dinner/get our drinks....after I thank him.
  • Any house improvement is usually my idea and I can fix and put lots of things together by myself...but there are some things I just don't want to mess with....A simple request...K-man does it.
BUT there are several things, I never have to ask him to do..

  • Mow and edge the lawn. I have the summers off being a teacher....and would do this during the day....K-man thought I mowed it too short...."hunny, let me do this from now on" OK! After, he mows, I tell him how wonderful the lawn looks.
  • I start doing the laundry....he puts the laundry in the dryer....hangs up my "delicates". Takes stuff out of dryer and folds. He is ADAMANT about not letting me carry the basket of laundry upstairs....I thank him for helping with laundry.
  • I cook the dinner, we are sitting in the afterglow of fullness...K-man wants me to NOT miss my fave TV shows....he takes the plates and loads the dishwasher. When he comes back and joins me to watch....I thank him for doing the dishes.
  • When I am vacuuming upstairs and K-man knows I am on my way down to our TV room....when I get downstairs....everything is moved out of the way. I 'vrrooomm' around and he puts everything back.
K-man used my car one night to go to his band practice. He uses my car mostly cuz it's the car at the end of the driveway and it's easier to take it rather move cars! The next morning when I was loading my totebag into my car for work...I went ahead and warmed up my car....He had filled it with gas, late at night after his practice in the freezing cold. So when we did our usual morning ritual of me handing him his coffee in his travel cup....I said..."thank you sweetheart for putting gas in my car last night" He said..."aww, you are welcome glad you noticed."

See? Our men want the things they do to be noticed! The little smile on his face when I thanked him told me that this made him truly happy. Of drives me crazy...when K-man puts out his pouty lip and says "did you notice...?" I am scanning the room wildly, then he says..."no, not here...." Grrrrr. He's testing me....LOL

Here's a sample of K-man's sense of humor. In the early days....when I was still putting things in the house together....arranging things....

K-man: "Did you see my contribution to the home decor?"
JennyMac: "Um no, sweetheart, where is it?"
K-man: Not gonna tell you, you have to find it.
JennyMac: Hmmmmm

I looked for days...this is what I found finally:

The box wasn't on the TY kitties laps but in front of them....but I put the box on them so you could see why he put the empty sardine box there....LOL

Lastly, I see K-man checking out my blog from time to time....He turns to me with a smile...
"Hunny, I like it when you mention me on your blog...makes me feel like a rockstar"

JennyMac: "Sweetheart, you ARE!"

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