Sunday, September 13, 2009

Karma and Kookies...

Karma, what goes around comes around. The nice/bad you do will come back to you? Hmmmm. Not sure if that always works that way....

Like many of you I have neighbors on either side of me. We all get along just fine. We hang out and do stuff with my neighbor on the right but not the other really with the ones on our left (we say 'hi,' have chats every so often but we don't socialize with the 'lefty' neighbors like we do our 'righty' neighbor).

Well my garden was booming so much that when my green beans took off they grew right from the pole I provided and onto the fence. So much so that the beans seem to be growing more in my 'righty's' neighbor's yard than mine. We joked and said that she should charge us rent, etc. We've been provided our righty neighbor with lots of veggies from our garden (she's more into flowers that veggies). When the beans were taking off...I told her that no way I was going to go into her yard and pick the beans for us to eat. Since she is putting up with our 'growth' on her side....HAVE AT IT. Enjoy the beans. See, I've been sharing my summer bounty.....

Yesterday K-man were eating breakfast on the deck and noticed over our stockade fence that shields us from our 'lefty' neighbors multitude of toys (they run a child care in their house) that 4 cucumbers were growing over it. They'd been there for days apparently due to their size. "Wow" I said to K-man...."look at that Karma, we've been providing veggies to our 'righty' neighbor that now our 'lefty' is doing the same for nice"

Not even 2 hours later.....I was talking to our 'righty' neighbor about 'her' beans and how Karma was working that our 'lefty' neighbor is doing the ......GASP! I looked at the fence and they were GONE! They reached over (their heads - because the fence is tall) and snatched them back. Weird. They snatch the veggies that may grow....but their ivy and other viney weeds they let grow all over our fence though. Go figure!

So Karma, doesn't always work, like you think!

Since I was so sad about my cucumber loss....I had to make some cookies to cheer me up....LOL (not really, I never really need an excuse to make cookies!) I decided it was TIME for another edition of CAKE MIX COOKIES....

I went to my posting archive and I can't believe I've made 9 different cookies with cake mix....
  1. Strawberry Flavored Cake Mix into Chocolate Covered Strawberry cookie
  2. Brownie mix into a Triple Chocolate XXX cookie
  3. Chocolate Cake Mix into Mexican Chocolate Crackle Cookies
  4. Lemon flavored cake mix into Low fat Lemon Blueberry
  5. Coconut Cake Mix into Almond Joy Cookies
  6. White cake mix with pistachio pudding into Blarney Stone Cookies
  7. Cookie Cookie cake mix into Oreo Cake Mix Cookies
  8. Orange Cake mix into Orange Cookies
  9. Yellow cake mix into Crazy Chip and Dip Cookies
  10. Butter Pecan cake mix into....
Backward German Chocolate Cake Cookies
(named by K-man after he tasted one before I told him what was in it)

Normally a German Chocolate Cake is where the cake is chocolate and the frosting on top is coconut and pecan. But these little backward beauties are coconut pecan cookies with a chocolate top!

1 box Butter Pecan Cake Mix
1/2 cup toasted pecans, chopped
1/2 cup unsweetened coconut, toasted
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 eggs
Naturally Nora's Cheerful Chocolate Frosting (or whatever chocolate frosting you have on hand)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix the first five ingredients together.

Shape dough into 1" balls and place onto silpat/parchment papered cookie sheet.

Bake for 8-10 minutes or until center is JUST SET. Trust me, if you cook too much they will be hard and crunchy. 8-10 minutes makes for a soft and chewy cookie so be sure your heat is accurate on your oven. Mine is off since I have a pizza stone in oven is about 25 degrees hotter than the dial says.

Remove from pans after a minute or so and cool on wire racks.

Top with prepared chocolate frosting.

Enjoy the yumminess!

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Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

I am so sad I'm out of all my Naturally Nora goodies! See if I hadn't been nice to share many boxes with friends and family, I'd still have some...but wait! That's Karma! Maybe I have a good deed coming my way! =)

Kinda funny about your veggie tales! haha