Thursday, September 17, 2009

Get them while they're warm!

YAY! I wasted no time too.

I came home from work, saw my Naturally Nora giveaway package delivery at the door. Came inside, put my purse and totebag down, went to the kitchen to open my box and turned on the oven!

I am fan of Naturally Nora on Facebook and I entered the giveaway for her new product, brownie mix. I was so happy to have won. I absolutely love her cake mixes and frosting.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Naturally Nora her products are all natural ingredients. You know, flour, sugar , baking long scientific words that you can't pronounce or know what they are!

So I baked the Fudgy Brownies today. All you need to prepare them is:

1/2 cup water
1/3 cup oil
2 eggs

She has guidelines for the 13X9 pan, 9X9 pan and 8X8 pan. Otherwise known as thick, thicker and thickest. LOL She has different heating times for the different pans as well as different temperature and times for using a metal versus glass or foil pan.

I used the 13X9 pan and they turned out pretty thick!

I like to put 'stuff' on top of my brownies.....

You are seeing half pecans and half mini peanut butter cups (found at Trader's Joes)

Here are the pecan brownies....

And the peanut butter cup ones...

K-man was very happy when he saw I was baking brownies....I asked him to describe the brownie for me. He said that they looked 'cakey' yet when he bite into was like butter. They melted in his mouth. I asked which one he liked better the pecans or peanut butter and he said "BOTH!" I rolled my eyes for that didn't help me.

My favorite was the pecan. For the toastiness of the nuts and the crunch definitely added something more.

Naturally Nora can be found at Whole Foods and online on Amazon (right now, the brownies aren't available but they will email you when they arrive).



Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

Wow! Those look great!! I hope I get to try some! =)

A Year on the Grill said...

These look great... First time on your blog, and it looks GREAT

Donna-FFW said...

I'll have to be on the lookout for them. They look gooey and yummy.