Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lunching again...

When you are looking for something for lunch and spot those piles of tomatoes in the kitchen; does your mantra become "I better make something with tomatoes"?

It seemed I waited so long for the summer tomatoes to come back. My eyes rolled back into my head at the first bite of the season. Now that I have them all over. Some days I get like a pouty kid...."I am tired of tomatoes, I ate some yesterday" (don't forget the foot stamp on floor)

You get racked with guilt at times with...'you know, they will be gone before you know it....enjoy them while you can....don't let them go bad...they are good for you....

Are you relating to what I am going through?

So, have you tried these yet?


These are also made by Pepperidge Farms instead of 'thins' they call them 'flats' I like them for they are just enough bread for me. I want the filling of the sandwich not to be all full of bread.

This is how 'thin/flat' they are compared to my granite counter.

Thickness of Arnold's 'Thins'

Available in whole wheat, rye, white and here is the multi-grain version:

Arnold's Sandwich Thins

I am impressed to actually see GRAINS! Opened up, they get thinner:

Halves of Sandwich Thins

Optical Illusion Alert: The top one looks thicker, but it's really more curved inward (like a mushroom cap).

Have you seen this new cheese product by Borden yet?

New Borden Cheese

They also make a Pepper Jack cheese slice as well. Sorry, I threw the wrapper away a few days ago.

So I made something simple using those 'guilt-trippin' tomatoes...

Just a snack

Open Faced Tomato Sandwich

Arnold Sandwich Thins
Sliced Tomatoes, seasoned with salt and pepper
Sliced Cheese of choice.

Toast the thins before preparation. Since I was broiling these in the oven, I just toasted both side under the broiler while I prepped the tomatoes and cheese. Toasting prior is essential, for the juice of the tomatoes will totally 'soggify' such a thin slice bread. Butter if you'd like, I passed.

Lay on your seasoned tomato slices and a slice of cheese. Broil until melted.

Cook's opinion: I love the Arnold's Sandwich 'thins.' I use them for burgers, sandwiches, mini pizzas. Toasting them really makes them strong. I like the multi and rye best.

As for the cheese, I think the picture speaks for itself. Doesn't really melt, does it? Kinda gummy. For a cheese with fat, I think the fat free versions of sliced cheese aren't as gummy. Of course, real cheese albeit cheddar, pepper jack ALWAYS tastes better with these open faced sammies.

But I just wanted to 'throw out my idea' of tomato use, review some products for you.

Bottom line: Buy the bread, bag the cheese!


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