Saturday, September 12, 2009

I need something easy...

Stick a fork in me, I'm done. How can a 4 day work week seem sooooooo long? Cuz it was the first week back to school. By Friday, I was wiped. It's a combination of two things:

Your body trying to adjust to working again after being off for two months.
Millions of things coming at you like popcorn machine.

I am very organized and I DO NOT like things sprung at me last minute that I am required to do where someone ELSE dropped the ball. Grrrrrrrr. Someone handed me an team activity we were supposed to do for the next two periods.

JennyMac - "When are they passing out the material for the team bonding activity?"
Other teacher in charge of relaying team stuff to me- You were supposed to get them from ____.
JM- I read the team leader's email that the stuff was coming, all week I heard/saw nothing, now you tell me I had to pick stuff up- 45 minutes before we are to do it?
OT- Didn't you get the email?
JM - "Um, no."
OT - I assumed you were on the list to receive these emails.
JM - Don't assume, its the beginning the of school year.
OT - I guess as your 'team buddy' I should have checked...
JM - (walking away) "I have a class waiting on me..."

45 minutes later, kids are clamoring around in room wondering...."what are we doing"..."can I open my new locker"...."when are what starting"....teacher comes running into my room...."I emailed you the instructions, did you get my email?"

JM -(I am thinking WTF!) What? I was TEACHING!!! OMG.

By the way, did I mention that I have had NO AIR CONDITIONING since last spring? Didn't get fixed over the summer. I got a fan to help the circulate the hot air that the kids bring in more of...When the fan is on high....I can't hear the kids very well and I am saying 'what?' every 5 minutes. Teachers come to my door and ask me questions...I can't hear from the fan 'what?'....I am speaking to the kids they can't hear either....I have to speak throat is getting sorer and hoarser by Friday......

First week, each day my FACS classes change. First day...I lost 17 kids in an 8th grade class, I was down to 7. Reason, some PE class had 105 kids....they needed to fix that. (and we didn't notice that during inservice week, why?) Second day, few kids new....few kids left. Next day one kid added, other classes stayed the same. Everyday a change of some sort. So you can see why it's so frustrating to not be able to start my curriculum. Then I have kids who missed the day of my class expectations....sigh.

See why I didn't post this week? I was so exhausted each day, when I came home it was all I could do to check my personal email. I barely had time to check my school email while @ work. Calgon take me away!

So this week I needed easy. I did make something easy. It was delicious. But it was only until I got some extra shut-eye on Saturday that I had the energy to post it for you. LOL.

Easy Pork Mole
4 servings

1lb pork tenderloin, cut into bite size pieces (this is about one of the two 'loins' in a package)
1 onion chopped
1 green pepper, chopped
1/4 cup Italian dressing
1 square semi-sweet chocolate, chopped
2 tsp instant coffee
1/2 tsp. cumin
1 can (15 0z) diced tomatoes, undrained
2 cups hot cooked rice
2 green onions, chopped for garnish

Cook meat and onions in dressing in large pot on medium-high heat 10 minutes or until meat is browned and onions are crisp-tender; stirring occasionally.

Add next 4 ingredients, stir until meat is evenly coated.

Stir in tomatoes, simmer on low heat 15 minutes or until meat is done. Top with green onions. Serve over rice

Pictured here is NOT cooked rice but cooked Orzo pasta....just as yummy. This was also just as yummy the next day as school lunch leftovers for the flavors blended even more! Those pork tenderloins just melt in your mouth! The next time I see them buy one, get one free at the store I am stocking up!!!

Seriously make this, it's easy and very flavorful! BTW, thanks for listening to my rant....It will be better next week. I bounce back fast! LOL


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