Monday, January 12, 2009

Two evil words for you....


Oh yes, I said it. And I ATE it too!!! I heard of this a few years ago and didn't really believe it. But I finally noticed the cheese in the store and decided to give it a go. Very easy and...OMG!!! Scrumptious.

Depending on where you are...some of you may have International Section (you know like: El Paso, Far East, Thai/Chinese food stuff...) in your store BUT if your grocery is really ethnic-oriented (usually due to your demographic of people who live in your community), they will also have refrigerated/frozen ethnic things too. This is the brand I used....

Just slice off a few thick slabs....heat up some oil in your favorite pan. This is my new George Forman 360 grill I got for Christmas (I highly suggest it). If it starts to spatter that is great about having a cover with the GFG.

Just in a minute or two (look for 'melty' edges). Flip them over.

OMG! YESSSSSS!!! It's just like those few crusty, chewy edges from your grilled cheese sammies.
Put them on your plate as a side with your main course of choice. These are my spicy/sweet meatballs. Just some brown sugar, butter and hot pepper flakes sauteed for a bit before the cheese was ready. Interesting 'throw' together meal. We have the sweet, hot, chewy, salty, crunchy. Dang missing something cold and mushy....applesauce? Oh well.

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girlichef said...

Fried cheese is like one of the tastiest things EVER! This looks absolutely fabulous...and I just made queso blanco yesterday...wonder if there's enough left to fry some up!? :D