Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Blues - Week #3

No blues today!!! Why you ask? Well brownies certainly UNblue anyday AND because I don't work tomorrow (MLK holiday) or the next day for it's Inauguration day. Whhheeeeeeeee!!! I know many of you don't have that day off but me living in VA, all the bridges are closed going into and from DC and our teachers would have difficulty arriving to work. Our school is also very close to the Pentagon and the beltway, so traffic is going to be 'hellish'. The superintendent claimed 'emergency' closure (kinda like what he does for snow days and since we haven't USED any days for snow....)
Back to the brownies....
Do you have these in your stores? They are great. NO Pudge Fudge Brownie Mix. They provide the mix and you just add a contain the yogurt (flavor of your choice) The are moist and fudgy, fat free and only 2 WW points! I can still feel like it's the holidays!!

Now, if you don't have this brand in your stores you can use a regular family size brownie mix and blend in the food processor a whole can of black beans (juice and all) mix them together and bake as the box instructs. Cut the 9X13 pan into 24 and those brownies are only 2 points as well. And I SWEAR, you won't taste the black beans at all!!! I know this because I demonstrated this brownie recipe with my students. Due to time restraints I made the brownies beforehand. Told them I was demonstrating brownies (insert cheering) and I handed them each a brownie. Snarf....gobble, slurp. Then as I am going through the ingredients I whip out the can of black beans I am going to use and inform them why I am using it (better nutrition, more fiber, lower calories, etc). You should have seen their faces. You would have thought I told them I have POISIONED each of those brownies!!!!

Of course afterward I had say to them..."Now, why are you all acting like that? Not one of you have your brownie left, you scarfed them down, not one of you said, that these taste funny. Didn't they taste good? (insert sheepish faces saying quietly 'yes, Ms. MacK) That should tell you something, that just because you try something and don't like it doesn't mean it will forever always taste bad!!!" [I use the pizza comparison: Do all pizzas taste alike, restaurant, frozen, homemade? No, you eat the ones you prefer the taste of] I asked if some of them would have tried the brownie if I had told them prior that black beans were in the brownies. Some said "NO!!" They learned my lesson intended...don't pre-judge...always try....then make your decision.

SO as I am pre-planning my blog in my head...I realized that you have another alternative that I use with my students. What is great about this recipe is that the CONTROL factor. You know how after the brownies are made you you just are so enamored by the smell, the texture, the taste that you aren't putting them in the freezer (like you said in your head) and after a few days they are all gone? Or you can't get your kids from eating the brownies so quickly (I know, I know....but they will get stale and dry, LOL). I use this recipe with my students to help demonstrate moderation and self-control. To have one brownie every so often and be happy. Or have a friend over on Saturday and make brownies just for the two of you.

Microwave Brownie Cups

2 Tablespoons of brownie mix

1 Tables spoon of liquid (water, milk, soda, yogurt)

Place measured brownie mix in a custard cup or microwaveable small dish. Stir in the 1 Tbsp. of liquid of your choice. Place in microwave and heat on high for 30 seconds. Take out of microwave carefully from top not bottom and place a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream....jazz it up with chopped nuts, sprinkles, caramel sauce....however you'd like.

Of course, I have to explain that they ASK for permission from Mom to open a box of brownie mix and immediately put it in a ziploc bag, mark it Microwave brownies. Keep it in the fridge and pull it out when you get the 'brownie jones' I didn't want my students being sneaky and opening the brownie mixes at home and leaving a hole and Mom coming to it later (screaming child's full name here). My students love making their own individual brownie. Especially when the class occurs during 1st period and they think they are being bad by having brownies for breakfast!!! Breakfast of Champions I say!!!

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pointpixie said...

Came to your site via a photo of sticky buns on foodgawker and am now trying not to lick my laptop screen. Great site! But this particular entry? Brilliant! (I have a brownie weakness and making a whole pan is dangerous!) So, thank you - why were my teachers never this cool??