Friday, January 23, 2009

Burger Night!!

Yeah, like to see you bite into this!!! Well I used a fork. K-man did the 'smoosh' thing when he ate his!

Often times when I buy the econo-size ground beef, I put the rest in pre-made patties in my ziploc bags (the ones that you suck out the air) and we always have burgers for a quick meal.

Mega Muenster Burgers

1. Mix some ranch dressing with your prepared bag of cabbage/coleslaw mix. Not too much you want it still crunchy and not wet and mushy. Place in fridge.

2. Saute up some peppers and onions. Again, cook them until slightly wilted not totally soft. Remove from pan and cover in a bowl/plate.

3. Cook your burgers as you like. If you don't have Old Hickory Smoked Salt from Spice Islands, get some. This is great when you are cooking inside during the winter and your meats taste like they came off the grill. For REAL! A few minutes before they are the way you like them, place your cheese of choice on it. Tonight we used muenster. Cover pan and turn off heat.

4. Toast your buns, we used whole wheat ones tonight.

5. Place your slaw on the bottom bun...Pile it high.

6. Put your burger with the gooey melty cheese on the slaw.

7. Squeeze your ketchup on the burger. We use the Tabasco/hot and spicy Heinz Ketchup.

8. Put on your still warm sauteed pepper and onions. Again pile it high.

9. Put on your top bun. Serve with lots of napkins and watch the eyes of who you give this burger to get HUGE when you hand them the plate!!

K-man: OH MY HONEY!!!

Happy Friday!


Donna-FFW said...

The title of this post alone makes me want to try these. It looks super-fantastic!! I think the ranch slaw is a wonderful partner to this burger. Must try!!!

HoneyB said...

Oh yeah, I could smack my lips around that (or at least try!) ;o)

Karen Babcock said...

Hey Jenny,
Where do you buy the salt? I have looked around here at various grocery stores and haven't seen it. Loving your blog,

JennyMac said...

I remembered this hickory salt from many years ago, my dad used it alot. But a few years ago when I remembered it and went looking for it...I couldn't find it. I went on the spice islands website and found it but you have to buy like 6 minimum. So I did. LOL. But perhaps you can use Liquid Smoke and salt to achieve the same affect? I put a link to Spice Island on that recipe-