Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kitchen Fun!!!


Today I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite cooking gadgets!!! They make our lives a little easier and make our cooking even more fun!!!

Starting on the left going clockwise:

(Red) Tab Grabbit- On the days I have a freshly manicured hand and don't want to ruin my nails, this magneted tool is on my fridge for when I get my Diet's there for me to POP open the tab of my can for me. It also has circle underneath for when you have to twist off those nasty beer bottle cap that seem to want to rip off your skin!!!
Where'd JennyMac get it?-
grocery store hanging in aisle designed for impulse buy.

(Purple) Top Popper- Everyone has those stubborn jars that are so vaccuumed sealed that you are literally grunting as you try to open it. (that is if your man isn't around to open it for you....such ego boosters for them...LOL) This popper you put on your lid (just like you were going to pop it open like a bottle opener. You will break the seal and hear a little "whoosh" and BING....jar opens without a fuss. Love this little guy!!!
Where'd JennyMac get it?- grocery store hanging in aisle designed for impulse buy but found a link for you here @ Walter Drake.

Dry Measuring Cups: These aren't your squared bottom types. Lord knows I've gone through many different styles and end up taking them to my school kitchens for I can't stand them. These are nice for scooping right out of your bins. For an added bonus each handle is a measuring spoon too!!!
Where'd JennyMac get it?

Measuring Spoons: Okay, now I am talking LOTS of sets of these I've purchased. Looking for the set that works for me most. But these recent ones were obtained SOLELY for getting into those spice jars when your normal measuring spoon wouldn't fit. Those days are gone. LOVE THESE!!
Where'd JennyMac get it?

Lemon Juicer: This little guy is just too cute. You press the serrated bottom onto your lemon end while twisted and pushing. He goes into the lemon where you can squeeze your lemon juice out (with no seeds) onto your measuring spoon just like those little fake plastic lemons that carry juice in the grocery store!!! You can keep it in the lemon it if you don't use it up and put it in the fridge (in a ziploc of course)
Where'd JennyMac get it?- I believe it was found at BedBath and Beyond with all the other kitchen gadgets, but I've had it for a long time, I searched there online and didn't see it...but that doesn't mean you can't find it in the store.

My favorite Super Sharp Knife: It's non-stick, super sharp (yeah it's gotten me a few times) and I love it cuz it never fails me when I need something sharp.
Where'd JennyMac get it? -I've seen them all over online but for some reason today I could only find it for you on where I did not get it nor at that price.

Meat Thermometer: K-man's parents gave this to us for Christmas when they heard about our constant grilling during the year (just not winter - too dang cold). Put the probe in your meat, connect it to the transmitter(black). The receiver (silver) is where you tell it what type of meat you are cooking how you want it cooked or the temperature. Beeps when done. Fabulous new toy!!!
Where'd JennyMac get it? -They purchased it at Linen's and Things since they were closing and everything was on sale. I found it for you here @ Amazon

Meat Tenderizer: Some days you just want to beat something up!!! I love this to help get those marinades into your meat. I especially like this one for the sharp points are covered so when you are rummaging through your gadget drawer it won't stab you.
Where'd JennyMac get it? - I can't remember but since I was already searching on Amazon...

Mini Grater: Just in the pic, cuz it's just too cute....I don't really use it anymore. Maybe for fresh nutmeg but I don't have any right now. But what I do use for my grating needs....

Microplane: I LOVE this tool.... Garlic, hard cheeses, zesting oranges, lemons, chocolate shavings, so many things...just not my doors that stick!!!
Where'd JennyMac get it? -Hmm, not sure I've had it so long...but it's here @ Amazon

Reynolds Handi-Vac: Total impulse buy at the store....'wonder if this works?' It was on-sale and it had some starter bags in it....why not? Glad I did it... it!! I've had it since last summer ('07) and still on the first battery it came with. I buy all the different bags they sell and it's competitors bags work with them too (theirs you have to use a hand pump vacuum...hahahaha). The machine sucks out all the air and you pop it in the freezer and keep out the ice and freezer burn! Run out and get one NOW!!!
Where'd JennyMac get it? - Come on now, you haven't seen these at your grocery yet?

My Flour Bin: This I've spent some time looking for the right container but I didn't know ALL that I wanted for one until I found it by was on one of those endcaps of the aisle where they are highlighting some dishes, cookware, etc. That particular month it was all these storage containers. I walked by it for weeks. Never paid any attention to it until it was almost empty, this bin jumped out at me.....there it was staring at me all by its lonesome.

I wanted a bin that I didn't need two hands to get my flour ( meaning: grab the lid and put it down, scoop the flour and level off). The opening had to be big enough for my measuring cups AND I wanted an opening that had a level edge so I wouldn't have to use my finger, spatula or knife to level off. I also didn't want to get flour all over the place while I got my flour...FOR THE ADDED BONUS!!! ...the whole lid can be unsnapped so you can dump your whole bag of flour into it!!! Then you snap all the sides back down and use the opening to get your flour....see me? I am leveling off my flour with ONE hand!!! Love it.
Where'd JennyMac get it? - My grocery store Harris Teeter, brand Name: Lock and Lock....I found the link on Amazon...but they are out of stock....and I didn't want you all to get any ideas....

Ok, just so you know. I am NOT being paid by Amazon, LOL. I've been shopping there for years online. I check there in other sites and I seem to always come back to it. Depending on the amount of stuff I buy...I don't have to pay shipping. I think their prices are pretty good, sometimes I've found it cheaper elsewhere. But to be fair...since they AREN'T paying me....some of the other online places I do shop for fun stuff...

The Home Marketplace
Kitchen and Much More
Harriet Carter and Walter Drake (pretty inexpensive and have lots of clearances)
Brylane Home and Kitchen

I know that there are millions more places....these are just a few of my favorites and the prices are pretty good. If you know of better....for godsake....tell me!!!! LOL.

There you have it....these are a few of my favorite things....(humming tune in head now) raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens....

I noticed that many of you post something on the day that celebrates these foods. Many of you don't realize it until that day and SHUCKS, if I only knew, I could have made something.....from cdkitchen....Coming this week are:

Monday- January 26, 2009 National Pistachio Day
Tuesday- January 27, 2009 Chocolate Cake Day
Wednesday- January 28, 2009 National Blueberry Pancake Day
Thursday- January 29, 2009 National Cornchip Day
Friday- January 30, 2009 National Croissant Day
Saturday- January 31, 2009 National Popcorn Day
Sunday- February 1, 2009 National Baked Alaska Day

All days are linked to their recipe suggestions for making some of these treats!!! Have fun!


Judy said...

Just found your blog. Did you get the flour bin at the Foxchase Harris Teeter? If so was it recently? (I live in Alexandria also!)

jodik said...

My grandma taught me a trick for opening stubborn jars (without a man handy). Use a bottle opener. Hold it upside down (point upwards) and push up. It breaks the vacuum seal on the jar and you can just twist the top off.

susishke said...

Excellent post Jenny re: container for flour. Searching for large flour bin to no avail. I buy flour in 8kg bags and needed some way of keeping it airtight. By chance found your blog and delighted to read your recommendation for the Lock + Lock fliptop container. I live in the UK and searched but could only find the small 5 litre version then.. BINGO.. I found a UK company selling the 50 cup or 12 litre Lock & Lock Kitchen Caddy, as they call it here. Thanks everso for the heads-up. Happy storing and baking!!!