Friday, January 30, 2009

Do you use these?

After I finished my blog about my favorite things....I had thought about my Debbie Meyer's Green Bags (afterward, of course). And since I liked them I got the deli meat ones AND the bread ones. Then I remember how The Homesteading Housewife was telling us about her appearance on Wife Swap....and I thought 'I should share my TV appearance with everyone too'.

My step mom Pam sent me a new sclip from the internet and they gave it two thumbs down. I didn't really agree with their findings and I searched our Consumer Reporter on NBC4's archive for her input on the product. She didn't have one. I emailed her...and the rest is history.

My students, my school and my program got some great publicity.

View more news videos at:

It was a great experiment. The kids did great. Overall, I think the use of those bags extend your product for a few extra days...but never expect miracles!!

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