Saturday, January 24, 2009

I think I am onto something...

First let's just say my picture taking needs some work. (it's my first month of blogging, so you'll cut me some slack, right?)

Secondly, the pictures I take during the daylight are def. much nicer (as the tip pages tell you to do!) but let's face it...I cook all hours of the day and can't always snap the pic when it's light out. (BE 4 Real, right? LOL)

Lastly, the whole thing food styling thing with the color plate that it is on or the background, some type of a pain in the butt. (just venting)

BTW, I can't figure out foodgawker and tastespottings REAL criteria for pic submissions. I submitted 3 to both sites. Foodgawker declined the first two; said were 'dull and unsharp' yet tastespotting published both that foodgawker declined. The last of the trio (the burger one)...tastespotting 'passed' on it...yet now foodgawker accepted it! GEEZ. I guess the best thing is just submit and not worry about it, the love it or don't....their loss.

OKAY, these photos...AREN'T being submitted but as I said...I think I am onto something....

I've done the apple crostata thing. I LOVE:
taking the premade crusts,
rolling them out a little,
putting on chopped apples with cinnamon and sugar,
folding up the edges,
brushing with egg,
baking for 1/2 hr on 350 pie....easy peasy!!!

My mom went to that Amish market place (latter post talked about the hotdogs she keeps getting me there) and she brought me this long tube thingy with Lemon pie filling. She was thinking of K-man who loves key lime pie and other tart things...that perhaps I could take this lemon tubey thing and squirt it into a pie shell.

S00000, I am thinking about how I do that apple crostata thing....I have this lemon tube of filling. I so don't want to make the TRADITIONAL pie with the whole meringue stuff....*hands on chin....hmmmmmm....thinking* This is what I came up with:

Inside Out Lemon Meringue Pie

1 all ready pie crust
1 egg
half package of large marshmallows
Prepare lemon pie filling

Roll out thawed pie crust. Fold over about an inch of the edge and crimp. Brush with egg. Place marshmallows all over crust. Bake 1/2 hour @ 350. Remove from oven and place a few marshmallows to melt slightly from heat of pie crust. Cool throughly.

Place pie filling on top of melted and crusty marshmallows but around those slightly melted ones. Luckily since my pie filling came in a tube like bag, squirting the filling on the crust was quite easy. Refrigerate until cold. Serves 6-8

Since the marshmallows underneath are melted they totally taste with the lemon like a lemon meringue pie...but UPSIDE DOWN....

I am going to do more pies like this, so easy....I think I am onto something.

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Cathy said...

I just started blogging this month too and stumbled across a suggestion to upload your photos to It allows you to adjust the lighting on it that way and it may help get your posts accepted.