Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ode to the Biscuit

I think one of my most favorite types of bread is the biscuit. It all started with my Me-mom. That is all she made for bread. (I grew up eating a lot of southern food and Arlington VA where I grew up isn't the south but it's my roots.) She took pride in her biscuits yet was the most self-deprecating about them. Each visit she had biscuits for our meal...(breakfast, lunch or dinner) and then she always had something bad to say about them..."oh these aren't very good....these didn't rise much...I think my baking powder is old..." And then she'd send the huge bag of them with us to take home. We thought they were great was all in her head....she was way too critical of her cooking.

I can hardly control myself after baking homemade biscuits and immediately I have to take one HOT off the pan, slice it in half and put a hefty hunk of butter on each half. The butter is salty and the inside is almost creamy yet fluffy and the outside is crunchy. OMG...and leftover ham is the best in a homemade biscuit....ok I have to stop...LOL.

Well in keeping with my promise for the new year to go through all these cookbooks I have and highlight WHAT made me buy them in the first place....AND an homage to my Me-mom I am going to showcase a few recipes using biscuits from one of my more recent cookbooks....

101 Things to do with Canned Biscuits

For a couple of days I am going to highlight a recipe or two using this cookbook. One of the most popular recipes I am aware of is Monkey Bread which I have made a million times. Warning: I will NOT be making ALL 101 of these recipes....but I am going to be smart about this and try to stretch out the use of these biscuits and try to get two recipes out of each can by making cutting the recipe in half (hoping to get more bang out of my BUCK!!!). I also have some other recipes I've made before that were *NOT in this I will be including those.

Be on the look out for these delectable delights:

Tasty Flowers
Cheese Balls
*Goof Balls
Meatball Bites
*Bacon and Egg Cups
"Bake-in" Bread (a different twist on the monkey bread)
*Mushroom and Chicken Dumplings
Chocolate Oatmeal Bars
And for an added bonus:
Me-mom's Traditional Southern Biscuits (not canned)


Is this a real kitty or one of those home decor statues?

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