Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ha-Ha - Fooled ya!

Betcha, didn't know that we were on vacation for a week! hee-hee. Thanks to 'posting options' I was able to pre-date all my posts while I was away. I didn't think it was wise to advertise online that we weren't going be home. So now we are back from our stay @ Deep Creek Maryland. Here is a view of Deep Creek Lake from the chair lift coming down from Wisp Resort.

This is about 1/3 of the lake. Did I take any pictures of our rental or the view from it? Of course not. LOL. Our place was called "Island View" and the view from our dock was a lil pile of rocks that the boaters had to navigate around. Some 'island' LOL. I should have gotten a pictures of THAT....perhaps next year!

One of the perks about DCL is that Wisp Mountain Resort is nearby. So, DCL caters to the summer folk who like water as well as the winter sport folk. Here I took a picture of me going up to the top of the Mountain Coaster @ Wisp. I still have very far to go....since I was bored....why not take a few pictures. I didn't take any of my trip down for you have to keep the lever pressed down to get FULL SPEED and I wanted to go FAST.

As I am being pulled to the top of the mountain coaster....on the right here you see the turns I am in for on the way down. Of course many want to pull the brakes thinking they are going to fly off and you are belted down and so it the FULL THROTTLE BABY!

Did you know that they had a full White Water Rafting on top of a mountain? We didn't. We were shocked when we found this last year. I was sure to bring my camera this year. Quite a huge undertaking to pump all this water on top of a mountain. We did not partake in the rafting trip this year. Perhaps I can convince K-man to do this next year. He is a little 'shaky' about fast stuff.

I call this picture: "K-man and the Boulders" LOL. Great Rock Band name....LOL

When I wasn't cooking for the crew of us in the rental, K-man and I went to two new places to eat as well as one favorite we found last year.

Archie's Barbecue- ROCKED! You know a place is good when it's packed on a Saturday night and since BBQ has to be cooked low and slow; getting our carryout quickly (our steaks were still frozen when we arrived) was a snap. Right on Rt. 219 A rack of ribs for 13.95 is a bargain when they start for 19.99 down here!

Santa Fe Grille - American Cuisine with a Mexican Flair. Not overtly Mexican but a little tweak of Mexican flavors here and there. Very nice. K-man got the Chipotle Bourbon Salmon and I got the Reuben Flatbread Sandwich. We shared some awesome Onion Rings for an appetizer. I could only eat half of my sandwich. Again on Rt 219 (next to the Visitor Center).

Brenda's Pizzeria - We love pizza and since we got rained out on our first attempt to go to Wisp we went here for lunch; for we noticed it was packed on Friday night when we drove in. A packed restaurant indicates good food everyone wants to eat. Of course the rain cleared and we had an awesome view of the lake and this pizza - 16" was the smallest they offer. If you bring your hungry family they have a 26" called the abondanza. I liked how they 'tweaked' some of the Italian classics like Shrimp Calzone. I've never seen Shrimp offered in a calzone...We shared a "Sei Cosi" six item pizza with pepperoni, sausage slices, onions, peppers, mushrooms and extra cheese. Surely a choice for when all diets are OFF on vacation! Yummy! We had 3 slices left to take home!

It was relaxing to get away, but it wasn't a vacation from cooking all the week. We were with the 'elders' of the family and they don't get around as well. Since cooking is my thing/career, I just take the helm cuz I am organized and I know they all appreciate that they don't have to do it. K-man manned the grill so he felt the pressure as well. Poor guy is used to a gas grill and had to cook over charcoal. Although charcoal is mused to render better tasting's slower, heats uneven and I still can taste the lighter fluid from the "match light" briquets. Ick.

I didn't take any pictures of the things I made for this rental was dark inside and honestly I wanted a break from dealing with picture snapping. It's pressure at times I tell ya. YOU know.
I did make a cake for my grandmother's birthday but I didn't take a picture of it for I didn't like how it turned out taste wise and I wanted to work on the recipe more before I blogged about it.

Bottomline folks, if you are even in need of a vacation. Western Maryland has Deep Creek Lake nestled into mountain resort called Wisp. Perfect place that has so much to do for the active sort. K-man totally loved it for he was able to bike all around through the national parks. Give it a look into if you are near enough! We love it!


girlichef said...

Wow...looks like an awesome time!! I love the "scheduler" (sp?)'re right...I was none the wiser!

JennyMac said...

yeah, I didn't want anyone breaking in and stealing my Kitchen Aid Mixer...LOL