Monday, August 24, 2009

Chunky for your Hunky

Does someone in your family look at you all 'pouty' wishing they had a particular favorite of theirs around to eat? K-man gave me that look when I made those wonderful crunchy biscotti yesterday and they didn't 'float' his boat....LOL. He said exactly:

K-man: *pouting* I want a candy bar.
JennyMac: You do? What candy bar do you want? (please don't say Butterfinger, his other favorite.)
K-M: Chunky.
JM: Oh okay. I can do that.
K-M: What?! You have some hidden in the house?
JM: (not answering exactly) I have some. (I immediately disappeared into the kitchen)

Of course, I was not able to appear with a 'chunky' in hand immediately. Even though, it didn't take me long to make these; cooling them in the fridge to set was going to take a little bit.

K-man looked at my empty hands sadly when I returned and said "You couldn't find them?" I laughed and said "Patience, hunny!"

Copycat Chunky Bars
this is a 'there-abouts' recipe

approx 8 oz of chocolate (I had bit and pieces of chocolate in the freezer), melted.
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup peanuts (mine were a mixture of dry roasted and unsalted)

Melt you chocolate in a bowl in the microwave. Start on 1 minute and keep moving the chocolate around after each minute until melted. Remember some times the chunks left will melt as you stir just from them being moved around in the warm chocolate.

Add your raisins and nuts. Mix well. You want a good ratio of raisins/nuts to chocolate. Not mostly chocolate. That is why this is a 'there-abouts' recipe.

Now I could have put this mixture in a square pan and cut them into little squares to make them look more 'authentic'. But I knew K-man wouldn't care if what SHAPE they were, he just wanted his chocolate, raisin and peanut combo! I did what was convenient....

Line your muffin tin with 8 muffin papers, lightly spray them with non stick cooking spray. Carefully divide out your chocolate mixture into the sprayed cups. You will need to take a rubber scraper and press them down so their are flat on top.

Place in fridge for approx 30 minutes or until set. Peel off muffin papers.

Cut foil into squares and wrap.

Since I didn't go with the 'authentic' square shape of the candy. I tried to make up for it with the wrapper....LOL

You may want to write CHUNKY on the foil BEFORE you wrap your 'bars'.

Well, this copycat inside sure looks like a REAL chunky to me!

K-man LOVED these. He was impressed that I had made them. I purposefully didn't tell him I was going to make them for he'd insist that it was too much trouble and to NOT make them. I wanted to surprise him and he was thrilled. He ate two in one sitting.


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