Thursday, March 12, 2009

NO, you aren't hallucinating!

Hey there! Welcome Back.

Yes, you are on the correct site, It's me JennyMac!

If things look a bit differently it's because my blog has changed format. Although I love all the pink on my old format, I wanted more space over color preference.

In my perusing all your wonderful sites, I had been wondering how some of the 'blogspot' bloggers had 'wider' pages and mine seemed to be centered with lots of wasted space on the sides. So I noticed the Food Librarian (she is on blogspot and has a wider page) and asked what she does....and here I am. More room and now I must tweak things until I get it the way I like.

Now I feel like I just bought a bigger wider car......ahhhhhhhhh *leaning back and spreading out arms!* LOL

Hope you will like! Thanks Food Librarian- 'stretch' is the way to go!


Ginger said...


It looks good!! I want to learn how to post more than one picture. Everytime I try it keeps putting each picture at the top of the page??? Anyway, I like the new look!!

JennyMac said...

Wow, someone is asking ME about blogging format after I just had to ask another about reformatting my own page? *blushing* LOL. Well I will tell ya...honestly I discover many new things while blogging by trial and error. I can't solve something and out of frustration. I accidentally do an action I THINK is an error....and OHHHHHHHH....I find something new.

Gin, I will email you the details!