Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun Reading!

I wanted to suggest a fun book for you to read my foodelicious friends! I saw this on another blog perhaps on a wish list or suggested reading?....(not sure)..... Baking Boot Camp.

A journalist with an interest in food attended Baking Boot Camp and Pastry Boot Camp at the CIA and wrote about her experiences. It was an easy read with great descriptions of food, cooking techniques, chefs tips and recipes. Those of you who want to cook with more professionalism, buy this book. If you like stories that revolve around food, buy this book. If you want some recipes of some classic baked goods as tested by the professionals, buy this book. If you want quick and easy recipes....don't buy this book. LOL

When I retrieved the link for this book on Amazon....I noticed that there is another book by another author with a similiar cover called "Culinary Boot Camp"....I may have to get that and review it for you.

Some other culinary related books I suggest are:

These companion books are short stories submitted by many chefs (most are well known, a few I have never heard of). "Don't Try This at Home" is famous chefs writing about their failures before they became renowned and the second book "How I Learned to Cook" are chefs writing about their influences that got them to be the chef they are or their favorite culinary school story. Both are great reads for you can read a short story and put it down easily for later.

Stay tuned for my next book suggestion on Culinary Mysteries!

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