Monday, March 9, 2009

Heart Healthy Salad

In honor of my Mom's new cardio healthy lifestyle....We made a grilled pork salad and here's a few things we did to make it healthier:

1. Grill your meat and some veggies to bring out their flavors:

We marinated the boneless pork in fat free buttermilk with some Emeril's Southwest Seasoning. I highly suggest marinating your chicken or pork in really keeps the meat moist. As for the certainly can use any seasoning mix or create your own favorite combination. I LOVE grilled onions. These I put a skewer through to keep the rings together.

2. Cut your pork into strips and cutting off any visible fat.

3. Plate your favorite greens. I added some cabbage/slaw mix on top for added crunch/fiber. I also put canellini beans on top for a protein boost as well as more fiber. I love the smooshy smoothness of these beans!

4. Whip up your fat free dressing. We didn't have any tomatoes nor am I very happy with the tomato flavors right now. Grape tomatoes are pretty sweet but I used some salt free fire-roasted tomato salsa. Here is the proportions:

1/4 cup salsa
2 heaping Tbsp of Smart Balance mayonaisse (or use your Fat Free brand)
2 heaping Tbsp of nonfat yogurt

5. Mix and add on top of your arranged grilled meat already on the salad.

This is a great fat free dressing for it being salsa based goes great with the southwest seasoning of the pork PLUS...since we had no tomatoes for the salad...this dressing gave the salad great tomato flavor!

6. Cut up your grilled onions and spread across your salad.

So much crunch, creamy flavorful dressing and tender moist meat! Hard to believe something so good and creamy has virtually no fat. K-man raved over this salad. Mostly over the new dressing he was eating...Of course I didn't tell him that it was fat free...he 'thinks' fat free stuff tastes differently. But if I don't tell him and I season it well, he loves it! hahahahaha.

Now we deserve some apple cake from last night's post!


Karen Babcock said...

OMG Jenny - this looks awesome! I am making it this week - thanks!!

Ginger said...

Jenny that looks really fresh and delicious. I brine my pork chops in a 1/4 cup kosher salt and 1/4 raw sugar. I am always looking for a new way to keep pork moist and will try the buttermilk. I am starting to buy buttermilk by the gallon!!