Saturday, December 19, 2009

Whole berry, jellied or homemade?

I've been avoiding cranberry sauce at the holidays due to the fact that K-man doesn't like it and I go along with it only because it's one less leftover I have to deal with despite the fact I love cranberry sauce.

Finally this past T-day after eating the moist turkey I decided something was missing and I realized it was the cranberry sauce! I love a forkful of turkey and cranberry. So I finally came to the conclusion...heck with what I was thinking. I am having MY cranberry sauce despite whether K-man is eating it or not.

Perhaps the gelatinous can shaped red stuff weirded him out. Had he ever TRIED homemade? So, I dug out a family recipe and decided to give it a whirl and see if K-man liked it (I've converted him on some things because my way of cooking something was tastier that somethings he was served as a kid)

Cranberry Sauce
slightly adapted from my cousin Beth

1 bag cranberries
2 apples, quartered, cored and peeled
zest of one large navel orange
insides of said large navel orange
1 cup sugar (I used 1/2 cup splenda)

In a food processor put the bag of cranberries, apples, orange zest and sugar. Peel that orange, remove navel and put segments in processor (my cousin throws the WHOLE orange - peel and all, but the pith/peel in my opinion is too bitter). Pulse and blend until the consistency you like. Chill in refrigerator. Best when made a day or two before serving!

This recipe is very 'orangey' as well as tart from the cranberry. I think it is very refreshing and I love the sweetness and tartness of it.

So, does K-man like it?


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