Friday, December 4, 2009

Don't hate me if you can't find these...

You are rolling through the grocery aisles and your eye catches on something. You walk to it, pick it up, look it over, say "COOL!" and you throw it in your cart. Then many months later, your friends see it and they want to know where you go it and you tell them what store and they say they can't find it.

JennyMac: "Oh, it was just hanging off one of those hooks in one of the aisles."
Friend: Well, which aisle was it?
JennyMac: Sheesh, I don't remember....maybe the snack, chip aisle?
Friend: But I was in THAT aisle, I didn't see it.
JennyMac: Maybe, they sold out of them.
Friend: (frowning) Sigh.
JennyMac: Here have one of mine (handing the orange one over since I like the purple and green one better).
Friend: (beaming) YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!

Well, if you can't find these at your stores....Amazon has them.

Take your bag in question....snacks, chips, lettuce mix, frozen veggies, broken ziploc-ed bag and SLIDE IT ON BABY!

Here's the first step on the package, it's really all you need....the other steps...BAH

Fold the opened end, put the guiding 'thingy' under the crease and ZING!

Nice tight seal. Give your clips a rest. These are cool. Love the tutti frutti colors too!

I use so many 'food closure' gadgets. Just when I think I have a million....there are some days I am rummaging through my drawer...."what? I only have two clips here?" A few weeks later I can't close the drawer cuz a clip got in the way. *Shaking head*

Clip it-clip it good!

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