Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where did the time go?

I do so love the holidays....but between the shopping, decorating, parties and baking....gosh the time just gets away from you! My poor little blog was being ignored...but not forgotten. Cuz I was taking pictures of what I was baking at least!

In the past when I was baking cookies as a kid....they were to have around for guests or to take to family gatherings. Now that I am older....I love cookies but you know how it is if they are hanging your house....they are forming a new layer of BUTT under the jeans!

So for the past few years, I've been making cookies to give as gifts to my neighbors, friends and family. Let THEM get the bigger BUTT. LOL. This way I can try new recipes, sample one or two and give them away without a problem.

Actually, the more time I spend baking myself to death in the kitchen with several types all in one day or weekend....I kinda get sick of seeing them and smelling them!

So tune in this week for a guilt-free fudge, 5 kinds of biscotti and for the finale....some killer chocolate macaroons that I have been waiting YEARS for the recipe! Yes, years! The story about THOSE beauties will come later.

Crumbly yours,

PS. The above picture is NOT of the decorations in my house! I wish!


HoneyB said...

LOL, I'm with you, let everyone else get the bigger butt! I'm anxious to see your cookies - all of them. I really love biscotti and you have me intrigued with your macaroon!

Brittany said...

I need to start on my baking! Love the picture.