Friday, May 22, 2009

Slide one over!

You see sliders offered on every appetizer menu now. You see the ads on TV with Billy Mays (screaming) about making your OWN sliders at home with some contraption....and now ladies and gentlemen (drum roll please....)

You can really make your own sliders now because the buns are FINALLY available! So cute!

Slider Burgers, Baby

4 mini burgers (tonight we used turkey)
*new* slider buns

Shown here is a dab of mayo with lettuce, tomato, salt and pepper....waiting for my turkey burgers to finish with a cheese slice.....

Dinner was two sliders, potato salad and baconnaise potato salad....notice the hotdog in the background....yes K-man was THRILLED that I had grilled him a hotdog as well.

K-man ate everything and a small bowl of peaches. Me, I only finished one slider, half a hotdog (with no bun) and half of each scoop of potato salad! And K-man wants some lemon tart for dessert...I don't know where he puts it!!!!

Cook's Note on 5/24: One of those 'art gallery' sites turned down the top picture said it was dull/fuzzy. Geez! *shaking head with face in hands*


How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Hey! Glad to hear the mug cake worked out for you! I tried it again and posted another video. The second try was slightly better, but it still isn't something I'd make again =/

Elyse said...

I love sliders! You feel like you can get away with eating more of them for some reason. Plus, they're little size makes them that much cuter. These sliders look absolutely great. You're making me crave burgers!

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

How exciting!! They're perfect kiddie sizes for sandwiches too, and no crusts! =)

Atiyah said...

I have a coupon for these and cant wait to try them.

Ginger said...

Ok, those look delicious! I have never seen those buns but will now be on the lookout! I am definitely going to have to order some Baconnaise! The entire plate of food looks like it makes the perfect picnic!! Have a great holiday weekend Jenny and K-man!

The Food Librarian said...

These are soooo cute! They are the perfect size when you want both the hot dog and hamburger at a party!

oneordinaryday said...

I love anything in mini. Cute AND tasty.