Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's only appropriate....

As I am about to post about the recipe I made today, I ask K-man to pick out number and give him the range so I can announce my Blogversary giveaway winner....the winner picked Pioneer Woman Cook's new cookbook and I was just about to post one of her recipes! Destiny I tell ya!

My blogversary cookbook giveaway winner is:

noraolsen said...

Thanks for the list of great books! I'm always up for a cozy mystery and as a Seattle-ite, I should get myself to Molly's restaurant, but I've become a huge fan of PW, so I'd have to go with her book. Happy New Year!

Ok 'noraolsen' now you email me your address and I will send off your book! Congrats!

As for the PW recipe, it's not from her cookbook but from her blog as well as her site Tasty Kitchen.

I made her wonderful Simple, Hearty, White Chili. It's been freezing cold here so I really wanted something to warm our bones and something that wasn't going to have a lot of fat floating around in it either.

It was pretty easy....I used a deli-roasted chicken from the grocery store (on sale every sunday for 4.99!) Boned it and shredded it while the onions and garlic was cooking. Added some chiles and jalapeno (it mellows out later, don't worry)...some chicken broth. Season it up with cumin, salt and pepper. Cooked the great northern/cannelini beans for a bit then added the chicken. Thickened with some masa. Roughly 3 hours later....white chili!

Top it with cilantro, pepper jack cheese, guacamole or pico de gallo. Heck throw it ALL on! Add your favorite bread like a tortilla, biscuit, crusty white, english muffin. We were in heaven!

I didn't type out the recipe for PW has a great recipe site all set up for you to print from there. So why re-invent the wheel?

If you really would like an alternative to eating traditional chili, especially those who don't eat beef or want to cut the fat...then this recipe is for you!

Cook's Notes:
1. You cool boil your chicken parts to get your cooked chicken but I didn't want the added fat from the skin rendering.
2. I used Skim milk instead of whole to make the masa flour paste. We didn't miss the fat when the milk is used really to make the masa into a paste so it wouldn't lump up in your pot.
3. And yes, you have to get masa flour, I wouldn't suggest using cornmeal for it's too grainy. You are making a very smooth thick broth. You can't skimp on leaving this out for the corn flavor in this chili from the masa is essential!
4. You can really control the salt content of this recipe by using a lower sodium chicken broth.
5. I topped our chili with Cabot's 50% lower fat pepper jack cheese and using the low fat sour cream.



How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Oh gosh that chili looks INSANELY good!

Ginger said...

I need a bowl of that right now!! It is freezing in Cincinnati!

noraolsen said...

Wahoo! Email sent. Thank you (and K-man)!