Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yet another Monster!

*Singing to self* "Oops I did it again...."

Well, it was no accident that I made some Monster Chili Dogs...

Do you have someone in your household that has a fascination with hot dogs? For me, once in a blue moon will I want one. Of course I want only the crunchy ones with skin. But K-man would eat a hot dog with every meal or FOR every meal if he could have his way. So I decided to surprise him not with just a lil ol' hot dog for dinner but a man food -monster sized- chili dog!

Here's what you need:

Monster Chili Dogs

JUMBO franks (mom gets these for me from an Amish Store in Lancaster County PA)
can of chili or pull some out that your stored in the freezer
chopped onion
sub rolls
shredded pepper jack cheese

Chop your onion, shred your cheese, cook your dogs, heat up your chili, toast your buns. Assemble!

Looks like this:

When I say JUMBO, I meant is the comparison. The other one is a Nathan's hot dog. Quite a difference...Get out your rolls now...

So when I say you need sub rolls, I mean it. A regular hot dog roll would not work...

Snug as a bug. Pile on your chili (no pic, it was too blurry, but I figured you could deal)
Add your onions....

Top on your fave cheese.

I love Pepper Jack!

I toasted mine...

But what did K-man want along with HIS chili dog?

Yup, another regular hot dog. With his fave topping of mayo and onions. He was feeling a lil crazy and add a bit of ketchup on his regular hot dog. So there you go proof of the size and what K-man had for dinner. He grabbed it and shoved it in for a bite. Contrarily, I ate mine with a fork and knife and could only eat one side of the roll! By the way, there was a cucumber salad on the side with dinner.....LOL

It's the weekend! Make something fun and messy for your man/family!

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