Thursday, July 16, 2009

Are sure you know what to do with those two pieces?

I remember when I first cooked pork tenderloin....

"Oh cool, they give you two pieces in the package. I will cook one and save the other for later."


Do you also know about the 'silver skin'?

When you take those two piece there is one distinct patch of silvery areas that are incredibly 'stuck' on the flesh. Many of you may just ignore it, cook it, eat away and just spit out these 'weird' chewy areas when you eat them. Cuz chewy stuff happens when you eat meat, right?


With a knife (pretend you are a surgeon) and take the knife point and go right under the silver skin (in the middle of it) and move along the blade (either to the left or right) until the knife comes out from the silver skin. Now take that cut piece and slice right under the silver skin the OTHER way until that section comes off. Keep doing this until this 2 inch by 4 inch silver skin section is gone. And yes, you will have to do it for the other piece too. LOL

Hey, I am really sorry I don't have a pictorial for you to see me taking off the silver skin....but you have no idea how hard it is to have slimey hands, wash, dry, SNAP. Get next position, wash hands, dry, SNAP! It's a royal pain. I know some of you pros out their have tripods or a willing spouse to help you out but I cook on my schedule!

So let's get started shall we?

Pork Tenderloin*

1 pork tenderloin (don't get those already flavored, ugh too salty for me)
butcher's twine
your favorite grilling rub (I used 'southwest' today)
chipotle chili powder (it's hot!)
your pepper of choice (these are cubanelle)
*make sure your pre-made rub is low in sugar or sugar free cuz your meat will burn more!

With silver skins removed. Sprinkle on your chipotle. I wanted just a lil heat on the inside with the peppers (cubanelles aren't hot- taste like those chiles you get in a can)
Cut peppers and lay in flat side of one of the tenderloins.
Notice how one end of tenderloin is NARROW and the other side is FATTER? This is WHY you have two of them.

Make a cubanelle sandwich with your pork tenderloins. Making sure one narrow end is on top of the fatter end of the pork below. Conversely, the fatter end of the top will hover over the narrower end of the pork on the bottom. GET IT?

Now cut a LONG piece of twine.

Tie a square knot on the end. WHAT? You didn't remember knot tying from scouts? Shame! Left over right, right over left. Rocket science, right?

Take remaining twine and run under the meat keeping a loop on top for you to catch.

Loop long end. Pull so the sections are firm enough to HOLD the meat, not cutting into it. Repeat for a couple of sections.

If you get really good you will back and forth making sure the loops are going in the opposite directions to support the tightness. BAH. Do it how over you can at this point. You aren't a profession butcher, so don't sweat it.

Tie a knot when you reach the end.

See? Mine isn't perfect either but you know what?...the peppers aren't coming out so I done good!

Roll baby roll! Sprinkle on your favorite pre-made rub. Make sure you get all sides. Rub gently so you don't work the insides to slide out.

Gallon ziplic bag with 2 Tbsp oil. Lay this bag flat and rub your hand all around INSIDE the bag to coat it with oil. This will make it easier for the pork to get inside the bag AND makes it easier to coat the tenderloin as well.

All done. Slip this puppy in the fridge and either prep your other stuff for dinner or relax until grill time.

Turn grill on high to heat up grate. Place pork tenderloin on grill and turn down heat to medium. Continue cooking and rotating sides to evenly cook your meat. Use a thermometer to check the center. You want your pork to be either medium well or 160 degrees (depending on how yours works) Mainly so the juices run clear (for those who don't have a thermometer). This may take 20-30 minutes depending on your grill heat.
Sorry with no pix. K-man was grilling while I was prepping the rest of dinner. I can't be everywhere! LOL

Slice up you pieces to however thick or thin you want. It's ok if the sections come apart. It's all good!

Slight pink, in the center.

And juicy. Now if you didn't TIE these together. One end would be HORRIBLY dry and over cooked by the time the center was perfect. You COULD use one and fold the ends and do the tieing this to make one SMALL roast so it would cook evenly. BUT I only want to do this tying thing ONCE. ya dig?

Hope some of you learned something new! Every piece from end to center was absolutely melt in your mouth tender! By the this for a weekend cookout....not something you wanna do before work and cook when you get home - no way. This is for when you have the time. Enjoy my peeps!


Donna-FFW said...

Too funny.. I just posted bout this same 'meat'

Leslie said...

ohh yes..that damn silver skin is EVIL!!!