Friday, July 2, 2010

Kraft Homestyle Product Review

Who hasn't eaten Kraft's mac and cheese out of the blue box? Either I ate too much of it in college or my palate has changed over the years. I gave it up...way too ORANGE to be good.
Then I found out that that orange powder has no cheese in it whatsoever! ACK!

I've made my own mac and cheese for years. It's a labor of love for sure. But don't get me started on my battle with K-man liking and not liking my versions of mac and cheese!!!

I received some free coupons for some new products from Kraft's First Taste program this was one of them. They offer the classic orange cheese version and/or a Parmesan. I took the Parmesan for I didn't think the 'orange cheese' version was going to really change my feeling about it. But free was free and on a busy night....what the heck?

Do you want two hefty meals or four small side out of this? I was impressed! It was pretty good. I like my mac and cheese to be a bit more saucy and creamy but the flavor was good. Even the tiny crumbs for the topping had great crunch.

All I had to provide was 2 Tbsp of butter and some milk. Kraft provided the pasta, cheese, seasoning and crumb topping. Cost? About $3.29. I am sure the 'cheese content' in this product is no different than it's orange cousin!

But if you want good flavor and have put convenience ahead of nutrition give it a try...tell me if you liked or how the 'orange cheese' compared to the traditional box type.

I will still be making my own mac and cheese in the future for I feel better knowing what exactly I am eating. I have plans for a mac and pepper jack coming soon! Stay tuned.


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