Friday, May 7, 2010

Food Product Review

SoyJoy, review

I've received a few Tastemaker products from Foodbuzz and on occasion some free samples. Soyjoy was offering free samples through Foodbuzz. Or Foodbuzz was offering free samples from Soyjoy. LOL.

I've seen these advertised on TV. I am picky about my soy choices. Not a huge fan....especially of the Tofu. But I do eat the veggie burgers on occasion, dried soybeans or edamame.

But they were Free and thought perhaps I'd throw them in K-man "energy bars for biking stash"

When I got them I dunno....perhaps this brightly purple flyer with my two free bars made me smell blueberries? The flyer says that it tastes like a blueberry muffin. Perhaps it was my morning coffee brewing and my lack of breakfast.

The package called to me...."try me," it whined softly.....mmmmm blueberry muffin with my hot coffee.....oh what the heck!

OH MY!.....The blueberry aroma filled my nostrils as I opened the package that I barely looked over the bar and bit off a chunk. I started to chew more slowly....thinking something is going to give. It will have an aftertaste....the texture will be weird....come on disappoint me.....

NO, IT DID NOT! Shocker. I was pleasantly surprised. This was really good. See don't knock the stuff until you try it. Now I am curious how the other flavors are!

As I sat licking my fingers and washing down my last bite with my steaming hot coffee....I sadly eyed the second or LAST I going to give K-man this for his next bike trek afterall?

Thanks Foodbuzz, Thanks Soyjoy....You have a new fan! Well two....K-man loves it too. Yeah, I caved and shared....

Try something new today- it may surprise you!

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