Monday, May 10, 2010

Doughnut Cake Pan- A review

Donut Pan

Nuff said...pretty good likeness. Unlike my review of the cookie cake pan with not so good results.

I made this for dessert for our Mother's Day dinner. The family joke is about my grandmother's love for doughnuts. No matter the brunch spread...she will gravitate to the doughnuts. We have gotten her shirts as gifts about liking doughnuts. One year someone gave her some doughnut cologne. Another year during the holidays a family member bought a ginormous boston cream doughnut. It was about the size of a large pizza. It was only fitting that when I saw this pan from Williams Sonoma that I get it to make for grandmom's birthday. Well, since her b-day is in August....and it was Mother's Day....the cake came early!

Honestly, I didn't bother with the recipe on the box for time was lacking. I doctored up a cake mix and had some leftover frosting from another cake in the freezer. I also scooped up some cake to make holes to add some dulce de leche pudding in the middle for a cream filling doughnut affect.

I didn't think this cake pan wouldn't have problem due to the lack of 'detailing' on the cake pan. I will try the cake again using the recipe for I think any cake recipe or mix would work without a problem and so far even a cake mix was just fine. One day I will surprise my homeroom with a 'doughnut' for breakfast. I sure will be a hit for any food or sugar makes them happy always!

So if doughnuts are popular in your family this would be perfect to make with the kids and it will give you huge brownie.... err....doughnut points if you made this.



Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

lol, that is too cool! How funny you made that for your Grandma! I bet everyone loved it!

Leslie said...

Very cute!