Monday, March 17, 2014

New Toy

I have a new toy and a confession....

My name is Jenny Saunders and I am addict.  

I am addicted to utensils, gadgets, gizmos and other fun unique appliances. Other than your usual electric mixer, blender and food processor....I own immersion blender, 2 crock pots, mini chopper, 2 waffle makers, George Forman 5 in 1, toaster oven, air popper, Chop Wizard, 12 pc. Genius Nicer Dicer, tortilla maker, Jack LeLann's Juiceman, Cotton Candy Maker, Sno-cone maker, S'more maker (so many more I can't remember what is in the drawer) and my latest acquisition....

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker.  Found it on for only 16.99.  Don't know why they are $19-$33 now.  It came in a plain brown box not like the ones you see all pretty with their product on the outside.  Perhaps that is why.  It was sent in this box from HB for Amazon.  I guess the pretty pictured box cost $4-$16 depending on who you get it from.  I do make a lot of breakfast sandwiches for K-man.  Since I have received it last week I have made 5 sandwiches.  4 for K-man, one for me.  It's very petite and I really like it!!!

When you heat up the maker, you get out your needed items, english muffin, meat/sausage/bacon, cheese slice, egg/egg beaters, toothpick and non-stick spray.

When the green light come on you spray the surfaces with Pam.
1.  Place the bottom muffin on the lower area and on top of the muffin your meat of choice and cheese. 
2.  Lower the upper section and place your whole egg (pierce the egg yolk with toothpick), scrambled egg or egg beater product. Season as you like, top with remaining muffin and close maker. 
3.  In 4-5 minutes it's done.  Slide the hinged middle plate out to the for the egg to drop below to the bottom layer.
4.  Lift bottom ring to reveal your stacked Breakfast sandwich, remove with a non-metal turner.

The above pictured is our "snow day breakfast" of bacon with provolone and whole egg.  Last weekend, since I am doing Nutri System currently I made for lunch with Arnold Sandwich Thins (100 cal), Morningstar Farms Sausage (64 cal), slice FF cheese (31 cal), 1/4c egg beaters (30 cal) and Mrs. Dash.  Not too bad for 225 cal when most NS products are 250 cal.  You do have to trim away some of the bread since these "thins" are wider to get it to fit.  It was pretty good for a lower fat/calorie sandwich. 
You can also make these with deli meats and the cooked egg for a sandwich for lunch.
This little product does help in some areas when it comes to dishes.  No toaster or oven, no bowl or whisk (using the egg product), we always have cooked bacon that I bake on weekends to use during the week for K-man (you can use the pre-cooked bacon from the grocery or deli meat).  The rings totally lift out for easy cleaning, wipe off the cooking surfaces on the maker and ZING....all done.  My new addition to the family will fit nicely in my cabinet between the air popper and blender. 

HEY! Be proud that I did not purchase the breakfast sandwich maker cookbook that Amazon suggested I buy with this maker.  That is another addiction that I am trying to wean off of.....

This was not an assignment from any program or website, no company sent me this for free to endorse.  It was just me, JennyMac who found something new and fun and wanted to share it with you!

PLEASE! Feel free to comment and tell me the gadgets and gizmos you have like this or JUST ask me what other products I didn't list that I have or kicked to the curb.....I have no shame....

Sammich Anyone?


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