Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm backkkkkkk.....

Ahhhh, such a lovely picture to remember our trip by.....although getting a beautiful picture like this has it's price.....Getting up @ 6:30 am ain't pretty! It was our last morning at Va Beach and I wanted sunrise pic (so nice and easy to get sunset pix in Cali, huh?). But when you are getting up from a totally dark room and open up the door to the balcony and that SUN is a painful slap to those retinas!!! Such a nice week of relaxation....sun, breezes, shopping, music and not cooking was so bizarre. As I am getting excited to get back to my foodie fun..............

I take my first picture.....BEEP! "No space remaining in memory stick" WTH? I always delete my pictures after I post them. I don't store my pix on the cam...that's what FLICKR is for....grrrrrrr. Oh well, a few wonderful creations will have to be repeated.....(snap of fingers)DRAT! LOL.

So I was forced to play around with my camera (which I am still getting used to) to see what is the major deal here. I figured out that there is ANOTHER area on the memory stick that you have to delete all your pictures from. GEEZ. (head slap) I guess that is a safeguard for any inadvertent picture deletion, eh? Oh well, it's all good now. Now I have room for 632 more photos!!!! YAY!

Lastly, after you return from vacation, there is the unpacking, the general adaption of getting back to your routine and opening up my RSS reader? OMG! Either I subscribe to too many blogs or you guys were busy this week. SHEESH! Um, this wasn't the type of 'summer reading' I thought I was going to be doing!!!

See you guys tomorrow!