Saturday, July 7, 2012

What? Is vacation over?

Well, the TRIP is over....but since I am a teacher....I have all summer off (you did NOT just roll your eyes?) so I am still vacaying...however we are having such intense heat it's hard to really enjoy the outdoors.  It's gonna be a LULU of a summer I think.
So not much foodie stuff today just a few pictures but the main goal is I want to feature a fellow blogger I used to follow.  Her name is Cassie and she did a food blog called How to Eat a Cupcake. Her videos were a HOOT.  (Un?)fortunately all great blogs can turn into something MORE wonderful and Cassie opened her own bakery (with alot of friends and family support).  She went from How to eat a Flour Child Bakery. I've been dying to visit her since we have a time share in Virginia Beach.
I know many my followers don't live in this area or state or even continent but you just never know where your travels may take you.  If you are EVER in Virginia visiting our HUGE Navy ships in Norfolk, Va or watching an airshow in Oceana NAS Cassie to her bakery for a sweet treat.  It's worth the trip!!!  Here are a few pics:
 Cathy (Cassie's mom) on the left, hot mess in the middle and Cassie.  How appropriate their last name is BAKER?  Well it works.  I was so entertained with all our conversation and stories that I NEGLECTED to take pix of their TREATS in the cases (head slap).  But I did take a lil pic of what we got when we drove back.

 From the left, Key lime shortbread cookies, Death by Chocolate Cupcake, macaroons and under.....YAY- a I am walking advertising!!!

I wanted to buy one of everything!!!  She had cake pops, cookies (the ginormous ones) cupcakes, bar cookies....It was really hard picking out what I wanted for we kept talking and talking....and I was getting distracted and HUNGRY.  I got the Key Lime for K-man for he loves lemon/lime....unfortunately, he never tasted them (frown)....for I got there first, lol.  We both loved the light and fluffy.  Not at all dense and overly chewy light most macaroons.  LOVE!  Not pictured was a chocolate covered strawberry cake pop.  K-man inhaled that in the car.  After his yummy noises I think I heard him say...'should have gotten more'  Lastly, I save for last, the DEATH BY CHOCOLATE cupcake.  OMG.  I am not kidding you.  One of the best I've ever eaten and I've eaten plenty of chocolate cupcakes in my life.  Here's why it's the best.   Most bakeries do the overly stiff, HEAVY, shortening based frostings.  This frosting was so light and cake so moist.  I tried to stop eating it halfway to save it for the next day.  But I started thinking "what if it's not as good tomorrow?  what a waste.."  SNARFFFFF.....gone.  CASSIE and CATHY....we will be seeing you again next year FOR SURE!!!

Here are a few of our vacay pix to entice you to stay at Virginia Beach....
  • View from our balcony....there is benefits to staying at the end...beaches aren't as crowded....
  •  Parallel to the boardwalk is a bike path...perfect flat 3 miles to get some exercise!  Here's my cool bike...Betty. 
Lots of cool things for the kids to do....a big blow up slide for the kids in the middle of the beach.  I think it was 4 bucks a slide.  YIKES.  Also a permanent amusement park with rides and games to get a stuffed animal.

  •  Neptune statue (taken at night) for everyone to marvel at...I bow to King of the Seas....
  • Everywhere there are places for a refreshing drinks....K-man surprised me by getting a 'fruity' drink instead of his usual Corona.  Mine had swedish fish as a bonus.  Um, NOT Paleo....but hey I was on vacation...
  •  Um....the result of adults being 'funny' after a few of those drinks....who's worse?  Teens or adults....not sayin'.

  •  The said "adults" one of the many bands who play on the streets every night. K-man had a coworker Pink Lloyd and his lovely bride Christine join us for the evening.
 Poor K-man after his 'fruity' drinks the next day.  Isn't that what the beach is for?  Recovery.  lol

  •  Surf lessons anyone?  Well, only for kids....right outside our balcony every morning.
  •  6th street turtles.  Between each hotel/resort each street has 'stuff' to view or climb, turtles, seahorses....etc.  Fun.

  •  Beautiful skies at the end of a wonderful day.

 I hope you have a wonderful, safe, fun vacation where ever it is....


Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks so much for all the wonderful compliments! And thanks for visiting us at the bakery! I didn't realize you were from Jenny Mac's Lip Smack... I used to read your blog back when I was a dedicated blogger! So cool! Well, I'm glad to see your vacation in VA Beach was fun. We'll see you again next summer! :)

Cate O'Malley said...

Beautiful sunset!