Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chebe GLUTEN FREE Bread Mixes

A few months ago I trolling around the blogs looking for gluten free and came upon Chebe Bread. These bread ingredients are identical to frozen product I found in my grocery (another post one day). 
When I realized the versatility of the mixes I ordered some from (who orders it directly from Chebe).  It is made from mannioc root or known as tapioca flour.  Other than some baking soda and seasonings (depending on the mix you buy) its really Paleo friendly.  However, the recipe on the box does call for cheese (1 cup) but the nice thing is....the mixes can be made with or without cheese.  SCORE!  I use cheese depending on my splurging mood.
What you see on the left is a few of their mixes.  What is missing is their cheese bread mix, Garlic and Onion breadstick mix.  They also send frozen dough if you want more convenience. They also provide many recipes for you to tickle your creativity bone.

Now, when I want to splurge on some bread (like a hamburger or hotdog) this is what I did...


PIGS in a Blanket....

  • Make the dough (oil, eggs, milk and cheese)
  • Cut my nitrate free organic hot hogs in half
  • Divide dough in the number of 'dog halfs'
  • Flatten dough and pinch/form around them.
  • Bake @ 375 for 20-25 minutes until golden.

Aren't these just so CUTE?  With a little dish of ketchup, mustard, relish or onion....these were FAB!  K-man was thrilled and I didn't even both to mention that they were my gluten free stuff....

When I have a hamburger....too much bun kills me.  I'd rather be full from the protein and fillings of the burger than a huge bun.  Sure I can go bunless but sometime you want a soft, chewy package to PICK up your burger.  So I made a basic mix and instead their suggestion of 4 buns I made 6.  I didn't mind them being thinner.  If you want soft and thick.  Go for it.  I wanted thin and crusty.  When you have tomato and mayo, sometimes the bun falls apart and gets mushy.  NOT CHEBE buns!

 The topping is from King Arthur Flour.  Their Artisan Bread Topping.  It is sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, black caraway, flax and poppy seeds.  Very tasty!

Here's a view how thin they are....(kinda like those sandwich bun makers THIN version)

All in all, the CHEBE company is very accommodating.  I had a little issue that I posted on their FB site and a rep called me and replaced them.  Also in doing so he suggested to mix and match some of their other products.  Now, I've tried all except for the cinnamon rolls.  These will def be my Go-TO mix in the cabinet.  THANKS Chebe!!

My next recipe adventure will be using just straight tapioca flour and making my own rolls to see how they compare.  But it sure is nice to have these mixes around for whenever you need pizza crust, rolls, or buns.  Non-Paleo or gluten sensitive family members won't know what they are missing.  PROMISE!



Unknown said...

Thank you so much for posting this review. I have seen their products in the store and I have wondered if they were good. You know how sometimes you just get tired of trying one more gluten free mix that tastes like cardboard. Anyways...thanks again.

Wholesale Gluten Free said...

Nice post !!!

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jhon mithous said...

wow its so nice recipes and foods

quotes of the day said...

this recipe is so tasty and delicious thanks a lot for sharing...

nannyofone said...

I agre with you this Chebe is a great product. If you do come up with your own bread recipe I would love to see it posted. Thanks for the review. I loved to see what others do with the same products.