Thursday, November 5, 2009

Which do you want first?

The good news or the bad news?

Well, I've noticed that some/many of us food bloggers have cut down on the number of our posts. All for very legitimate reasons. Even the illegitimate reasons are okay with me....who am I to judge? LOL

Well the bad news is this food blogging new to me as fun as it's been has had it cost. Weight gain. Ugh. I've read other bloggers complain about I knew it was to come. I certainly don't blame my blog....but it's certainly has contributed for I've been trying so many new and fun foods I see on the other blogs....I wanted to cook them. I wanted to cook lots of my favorites so I'd have things to share on my blog. My blog (or anyone else's blog) did NOT force me to eat all those foods I posted about....Yes, I shared with neighbors, friends, family, took some to work, etc.....but clearly I didn't SHARE ENOUGH! Did K-man gain weight too? NOOOOOOOOOO, he bikes like banshee, so he didn't put on a ounce! If anything, he's LOST weight and gotten trimmer (grrrrrr).

Anyhow, being back to school, getting adjusted, being bummed....figuring out what to do to get the pounds back off...has kept me away for a bit. *Hanging head* Sowwy.

The last part of the bad news is my choice plan for weight reduction is pretty severe in comparison to how I've been cooking. No fat, salt, sugar. YIKES!! So the dinners I eat are pretty boring, none exciting and a bit to get used to with the lack of oil, salt and sugars. K-man even has been looking at bit sad and NOT really interested in eating what I am eating. His response was "I can eat a sandwich and some soup for dinner." LOL

Now, the good news.....I can do this! I've done recipes on here before where I've tweaked the recipe to be more healthful. The "healthier" recipes of my past posts weren't totally salt, sugar or butter free.... but I certainly can do recipes where you choose. Either try my 'restrictive' version or add the salt, sugar or oil where you see fit to make it taste better.

For more good news....I will still continue to make stuff for K-man on occasion so he won't be so sad....after he rants and raves and "mmmmmmm's" himself to death because of the food I make. I would be sad to not hear or see all that happiness. And from time to time I will also post about foods were are making at school. The holidays are coming after all.

The last bit of good news....these 'restrictive' diets aren't forever. They can't be...oh I'd kill myself! Just awhile to get what I want off and ease my way back into eating like NORMAL people with more exercise, small amounts and MORE SHARING! LOL. I've done it before, it will be done again.

So bear with me my friends...I love blogging, I love a challenge and I am creative. I can do this.

Tune in next time for my first installment of the "Food Blogger's Nightmare...."

Hanging in there,


Erin said...

I know the feeling and I must say that I, for one, would love to see "real food" recipes that don't make me hit the treadmill even longer. So, don't be afraid to post anything and everything you're making...lots of us are trying to find that balance!

Farming Fabulously said...

We love your recipes!

JennyMac said...

Erin, that was the MOST encouraging comment I've gotten EVER!...I was a little bummed that people would find my TEMPORARY posts of 'diet/healthy' stuff boring (although THEY can add all the butter, oil or salt they want) but for you to remind me that some people would a appreciate a healthy recipe so they can eat it guilt free w/o hitting the treadmill.....really gave me hope! Thanks you are a peach!

Thanks Farming FAB too! LOL